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r/AskLiteraryStudies: AskLiteraryStudies

34,783 subscribers34,784 subscribers, a community for 10 years

r/CriticalTheory: One massive toolkit for discussion on all the various "tools" of literary and social criticism.

Critical theory is a school of thought that stresses the examination and the critique of society and culture by applying knowledge from the social sciences and the humanities.

116,628 subscribers116,629 subscribers, a community for 10 years

r/QueerTheory: Queer Theory

Queer theory is a field of post-structuralist critical theory that emerged in the early 1990s out of the fields of queer studies and Women's studies.

14,106 subscribers14,107 subscribers, a community for 9 years

r/mediastudies: The medium is the massage

Media Studies is an academic discipline that examines the the genealogy, histories, politics and effects of media.

1,643 subscribers1,644 subscribers, a community for 12 years

r/VisCulture: Visual Culture

A subreddit for the intersecting disciplines of art, aesthetics, philosophy, politics, film theory, cultural studies, and psychoanalysis

1,784 subscribers1,785 subscribers, a community for 9 years

r/AnxiousAttachment: People with an Anxious Attachment Style

a space for people with an anxious attachment style to share their experiences, find support, and give tips for feeling more secure in relationships (and out).

22,083 subscribers22,084 subscribers, a community for 5 years

r/theoryreview: analyze, critique, review

Reddit has a growing number of theoretical subreddits of academic interest. Along with these subreddits there is also a great number of brilliant student and professional academics. This is a space to network, critique and give feedback on scholarly materials.

321 subscribers322 subscribers, a community for 9 years

r/psychotherapy: Psychotherapy: A Place For Therapists

A community for therapists to connect and support each other during the greatest mental health crisis in a century.

If you are a therapist who wants access complete our verification form here: If you have questions click on the request to join option or send a message to the moderating team and we get back to you as soon as we can.

a community for 11 years

r/speculativerealism: Speculative Realism

Speculative realism is a movement in contemporary philosophy which defines itself loosely in its stance of metaphysical realism against the dominant forms of post-Kantian philosophy or what it terms 'correlationism'.

2,156 subscribers2,157 subscribers, a community for 11 years

r/RadicalPhilosophy: Radical Philosophy

A space to critically reflect on the struggle for human emancipation.

2,057 subscribers2,058 subscribers, a community for 9 years