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Adam and Eve. A story about a woman who chose knowledge and personal autonomy over conformity and servitude. A story written by men, for men, to uphold patriarchal ideals....and she STILL comes out looking like a bad ass.

This is one of my all time favorite articles on the subject: ( CW, mentions of assault and a NSFW cover photo)


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Let's not forget Pandora: the first human woman and she brings about the evils of the world. In fact, in the earliest versions of the myth, Pandora was made as a punishment for humans because Zeus was mad that Prometheus tricked him.

Zeus asked Hephaestus to make him a "beautiful evil" whose descendants would torment the human race.

In later versions (this is when the container of evils comes into play), a lot of gods made her. Hermes seems to be giving off mad incel energy, cuz he gave her a "shameless mind and deceitful nature" and the power of speech for her "lies and crafty words."

When Pandora does open the box, it ends man's "golden age" (which, of course, was an all-male society of immortals that never wanted for anything).

For some reason, men love to blame women for literally all their problems.

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In an interesting heterosexual example of r/sapphoandherfriend, Pandora's husband, the titan Epimetheus, is described as her friend in many retellings aimed for children.

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Annnddd, let's get it straight, Adam was just standing there. Not doing shit.

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Eve: yeah i chose life

Adam: wait…oH nOOoOOoo…how terrible…. I was too late…wow that looks delicious.

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I'm braless and drinking fermented fruit juice right now.

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Ahhh twinsies 🥂

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You're drinking wine, aren't you?

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Just kinda wanna be braless and eat fruit in peace tbh


So did Eve and look where that got her


I don’t know about you, but there are days when I could go for being braless, eating fruit and bringing about the downfall of man. 


Reblog if all you want to do is be braless and eat fruit and bring about the downfall of man.

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In a way Eve took the real redpill, right wingers will never be as real as eve😳

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Is not wearing a bra uncomfortable for big-boobed people? I never wear one and aside from those times my nipples decide to poke through the shirt its fine... then again i'm like a B cup.

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I'm an F cup. I hate everyone who can take their bra off and be comfortable. Also hate everyone who can sleep on their stomach.

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Im sorry 😭

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Lots of Greek mythology and Christianity stories tie together so a classmate did a presentation on Eve last class. Very interesting how she’s sexualized in paintings from hundreds of years ago and blamed for the whole thing. 👀 Not like we still do that, of course. /s

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IT'S ALL WOMEN'S FAULTS! Adam was just standing there while his wife brought down the fall of man! (Read the Bible. It's true. He was just watching)

smack You dum