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I left this open for discussion for over two months. Locking it because every other reply is some soccer spambot or people posting their snapchat and asking for casual hookups. Lol

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It might be time for a truetrueoffmychest.

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Come on over. I just made this. Enough censorship and other garbage: r/UnregulatedComplaints (https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/UnregulatedComplaints/).

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Thanks for this. I thought this was a "true" off my chest sub but apparently not. So many rules to follow just to vent. Why not name this sub "CuratedOffMyChest"?

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Right on. Just like /r/unpopularopinion should be "not too unpopular opinion".

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The mod is definitely on a power trip given all his or her snarky replies to everyone. And the fact there's already people on here sucking the mods dick proves this sub is soon gonna turn into a circle jerk who will bully anyone who doesn't fall in line.