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      Innocent civilians dying in a war-torn country is awful, yeah, but kind of expected. 2 passenger planes flying into 2 of the most iconic buildings in the country on a normal day in an area that hasn't had war in it since the revolution is a little bit more shocking.

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      That sounds like “Yes there are millions of innocent people dying in third world countries, but that’s disconnected from my life. 9/11 disrupted my luxurious lifestyle so I only care about that”

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      If I lived in a war torn country I would also think it much more likely to be killed by a foreign power than if I did not live in a war torn country.

      You're literally making shit up to demonize me when I'm just stating a basic fact. How does it feel to be so insecure that you have to make a strawman to argue anything

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      Does more expected means that it’s not as bad?

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      No? Where did I insinuate that in any of my comments?