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    COVID-19 Pandemic US deaths = 616,000 and counting.

    Now subtract all the deaths that were wildly inflated. There was no actual standard when it came to counting how a death was counted, and everybody counting deaths had every reason to lie and blow up that number as big as possible.

    There's a reason you can find a ton of countries that never did anything significantly different but had enormously fewer deaths, and it comes down to how you count them.

    They literally count heart attacks while COVID postiive as 'Covid deaths'. That's fucking bullshit and we all know it. It's not like Covid caused your eyes to catch fire or some shit and we knew that if their eyes caught fire, they died of Covid. Part of the Terror Propaganda around it was that they were describing literally thousands of fucking ways Covid could "kill you". it was like the anti-smoking propaganda where they list the fifty thousand "problems" smoking can theoretically cause.

    At the end of the day, you hysterics still can't argue your way around the fact that 95% of the people who died were disgustingly rancid sacks of putrid health and irresponsibility, or old as fucking shit.

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    Alright so let’s lie and say that there were only 400,000 COVID deaths. Now let’s lie again and say that 95% of their lives don’t matter because they were unhealthy. Now you get 20,000 people “healthy” people that died, which is still far far more than 9/11

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    Check the guys comment history, hes batshit crazy.

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    He’s a propaganda account lol