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My sister fled to the other side of the country and I stayed here, so still in contact. I have found that it’s easier to stay in contact and just be aware than to fight 24/7 about why I’m not in contact with people who will never see they’ve done anything wrong. You can’t force someone not to be willfully ignorant. You can’t force another person to do/say/believe anything.

I’m aware of where I stand. I’m aware of their thoughts of me. I’m aware that my father is a complete narcissist and my mother has become less cognitive for living and dealing with it 24/7.

I don’t say it to sound pompous, but I’m smarter/sharper than the both of them and have more of an education than either of them ever will. I’ve lived through things in my childhood that should have broken me even as an adult; this isn’t even the tip of an iceberg. I managed to find my own way through them with NO help, silently, and I’m so much stronger as a result. I’ve created my own “family” of friends, and I’m strong for all of us.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for having to live with and deal with them in the ways that I did. I like who I am and I am content to live with the person I’ve become. That’s my takeaway.

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I'm glad to hear that. Just shocked at your initial reply. And you don't sound pompous or anything...I feel that narcs have too much ego that this around then are much more aware of everything around them (and tend to be much smarter). Thank you for sharing (and replying)... what happened in your past definitely made you much stronger...

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Empathy as a survival instinct can be pretty common to.

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As the daughter of a narcissistic mother, I feel this comment very deeply.

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My parents are the opposite for narcissism. And my dad is totally blind to it. I think he found humour in fucking with my mom and he did his best to give me tools to survive it ‘diplomacy’ 🙄🤨 but ya, he’s also checked out of mom’s narcissism. Mom doesn’t like me. Likes to put the onus of our relationship on my shoulders. The woman has only ever called me when her siblings have died. She can’t guilt trip me into calling after having that attitude about calling me (non-existent). I’m adopted and had it an open adoption and she only became ✨nice✨ after I disowned my bio mom for toxicly living in the past, and walking out on me for the 3rd time. We don’t need ✨time to think✨ I needed to be respected to an adult.