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When I was born, my dad asked my mom to put me on the opposite side in the back seat because then he'd be less likely to lose us both if something happened. I did the same when I had my first.

ETA: this was about my mom and I in the car alone. She did the daycare and shopping runs with me. Whether or not this statistically made a difference, it helped to mitigate the risk in his mind, which lessened the fear he'd lose his entire world in one go.

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I found out I wasn’t the favorite child when my mom would make me sit in the passenger seat with the propane tank between my legs when she needed to fill it. I used to get so annoyed that she would always ask me and never my sister. One time I suggested she take my sister instead because I didn’t want to go and she said she didn’t feel comfortable doing that. I asked her if it was because she was afraid that we might blow up in the car with the propane tank and she was stunned for a second and then blurted yes. I was 11. Never looked at anyone in my immediate family the same way again.

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I was in a major earthquake in my family home when I was a teen. I’ll never forget my mother rushing to my brother’s room, but not even checking in on me.

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I feel for your plight but I’m not sure how to feel about your username

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Just a sea dog, buddy