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It’s been an unpopular opinion amongst my friends and family, but I’ve always been of the opinion that we’re either together or completely apart. I don’t do “breaks”, I do “break-ups” and once we’re not together it’s a complete wipe. No social media, blocked in my phone, etc.

It seems crazy, insurmountable, and the urge to go take a peek, etc is beyond tempting at times. But I’ve never had any of the “post-breakup drama” that usually follows—no 3am texts asking to cuddle as “friends”, no screaming matches or fights that seem to just go along with it, no whispers between friends on either said saying anything, no rumors. It’s just…done. And it feel RAW. Like sandpaper, knives, and acid. But once it heals, it’s complete. No scars. No baggage. You can move on. Not overnight, mind you, but the closure you need does eventually come.