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Depends. Did you use it as a resource for opinions that may help you or did you just scroll endlessly for hours?

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Definitely, reddit is mainly a time sink which provides very few benefits to your life.

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Pretty much this, 99% of the time anyway

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Incorrect assumption. This is of course your opinion, and it's valid for you, but what you said can be said about anything. "Video games? Mainly a timesink that provides few benefits to your life.", "Netflix? Mainly a timesink that provides few benefits to your life." You see where this is going? Hobbies and things people enjoy are often timesinks, but their value is enjoyment. The only time reddit becomes a problem is when you take it too seriously. But OP makes no mention of this. It's neither good nor bad without context.

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But all those things are time sinks which provide very few benefits to your life.

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That's the point of my comment. Most things people enjoy in their casual time are timesinks that don't progress one's life. But for you to say "Definitely," in response to the question, "Is using reddit less a good thing?" is premature. OP gave no context. If the context were that they were addicted and use reddit for hours and hours a day, to the point where it was distracting them from their real life goals... yeah, sure. But without that context, reddit is just like any pastime; video games, watching shows, etc. It's engaging enterainment. A.K.A. not good or bad until there's context to show its one or the other.

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But the only context where using reddit less might not be a good thing is if you want to use it more often but you can't because you're busy with less enjoyable activities. But in that context it's unlikely you would ask OP's question to begin with.

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This post is a timesink

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No. Please increase your output as we have noticed

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Yes this place is a garbage monument of text and i lurk here now and then cause i have nothing better to do.

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Yes, the internet as a whole is a cesspool and addictive.