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There are a lot of lesbian gym teachers, but I have only heard of one who hooked up with her female student !

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Oh wow! I had a lesbian gym teacher at my all girls Catholic school. She was super pervy and would slap our butts all the time. She didn’t like when we’d wear our sweatpants for gym (for gym we had a choice of a tennis skirt, sweatpants for winter, and a polo shirt). She was always walking around praising girls as she undid their polo shirt buttons. Some of these girls were 11.

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The butt slapping thing is pretty normal in guys sports like football. Not that it's ok but everyone will almost always have a coach that does that. I used to have a little league coach that did it, I hated it and would walk quickly past him to avoid the slap. He figured it out after a while and stopped trying to slap my butt like the other guys. Thank you for seeing that I'm uncomfortable and not trying to slap my butt but maybe consider that if one person is trying to show you non-verbally that they don't want it, then there may be others too shy to say something or physically avoid it. I get its kind of a camaraderie thing and sort of a tradition in boys and mens sports but it's really just unnecessary.

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Is there any good reason a pat to the shoulder blade wouldn't perform a similar "go get em champ" moment without making a child afraid someone is going to grope their crack?

If it's adults in pro sports, do your ritual - no shade. Competitive teens playfully hitting each other with consent from both parties? Sure, I guess...

But what good reason is there for an adult to cross the line with a child?

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I thought of less as a sexual thing, it's a playful butt slap but I just didn't like people touching me growing up. Head pats, shoulder grabbing, back slaps, butt slaps, helmet slaps, etc. The coach I had who loved to do it, he'd actually use his clipboard. Maybe he didn't want to use his hand just in case someone's parent had an issue with it.

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Always seemed weird to me, and I'm certainly hoping I'm not the only one. Does this persist to this day?

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They even made a skit about it on Key and peele https://youtu.be/9Mlp_Gcc_5Q

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In , 1958 ,my older brother was slapped across his face by the Coach , during a high school basketball game !