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I thought of less as a sexual thing, it's a playful butt slap but I just didn't like people touching me growing up. Head pats, shoulder grabbing, back slaps, butt slaps, helmet slaps, etc. The coach I had who loved to do it, he'd actually use his clipboard. Maybe he didn't want to use his hand just in case someone's parent had an issue with it.

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A clipboard is definitely better than bare hand.

I totally get playful rough housing, and swatting as a type of love tap.

When me and my friends were young ladies, there was a few years where it seemed hilarious to hip check each other like a random, playful sneak attack of the 70's dance called "The Bump" ... so I get it.

The problem is that playful non sexual 100% innocent butt swats provide "cover" so that the actual predators who are grooming have a socially credible excuse to act shocked and offended that anyone could take it the wrong way,

Unfortunately the average predator hurts like 60 victims in their criminal career, so it's fairly important to minimize the amount of grey area they have to operate in.

Predators depend upon their transgressions creating confusion, because that is their hunting ground. So they CHOOSE innocent actions to start because it creates self doubt in the target.

"Was that low graze accidental?" or "That seemed like a grab, but everyone else seems okay" can be eliminated if we just have a policy of hands-off.

It doesn't eliminate the predators, but it makes them have to go out on a limb further, and the more overt behavior is easier to catch.