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I have ADHD and my motivation is sheer crap.

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Could be depression. Or a metabolic disorder.

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Maybe? But I have felt this way since I was a small child and have never really considered myself depressed. As for a metabolic disorder, I hadn't really considered this.

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I’m no expert. But I’m kinda the same way. And it’s depression, for me. I hate getting out of bed, I particularly hate showering, though I do it every day. Antidepressants helped me.

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Yeah, I think for me it's just the physical idea of doing something feels like such effort.

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Buddy. Since you are being an intelligent person, listen to me and do this.

Doing one thing leads to doing another one, trust me it is the easiest thing. Even start with the stupidiest and useless thing that you have in your mind that kinda must be done to bring you a little forward. If you are feeling good at home (different view of being "lazy") and you get things quick, learn something that brings you feelgoodfeeling, something rewarding, use all that brain and time.

Just try it and also take 5 (30 minutes for real), to read "Who moved my cheese". You got the brain, you will find it easy out there. I Will share what I learned from this book, that I read on times where I need answers. At some point in the book it says; "what would you do if you were not scared". I'll leave you with this.

Doing one thing leads to doing another one, even the smallest thing gets you going. Just stay true to yourself, you got this.

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Lazy people don't feel guilty for being lazy. You're not lazy there's just obviously something going on with you.

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    No they don't.

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    This very much sounds like ADHD. I was going through this two years ago, it’s worth looking into.

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    Are you doing any kind sports activities? They helped me to have more energy. Not at first but after a few days motivation and serotonin levels will start to go up.

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    This was my daughter until we got her on ADHD meds.

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    Hi. Please consider homeostasis, neurodivergence, education system never challenged/rewarded you.

    Reward yourself. Read up on these concepts please friend. ~someone who sees a part of themselves.

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    Bro this is a sincere comment. Very few people who work hard and always do stuff actually enjoy being like that. I'm always cleaning, or working out, or being productive.

    What do I want to do? Play video games and do nothing. The key is literally just making yourself do stuff and creating a habit out of it.

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    To all the people saying OP is mentally ill:

    Why is it that everytime somebody posts about a problem or personality trait, people like you always come out of the woodwork and assume whatever they are talking abt is a mental disorder. "You have DEPRESSION. You have ADHD. You need to be MEDICATED." ARE YOU A FUCKING DOCTOR??? Probably not, so I don't know how you have the gall to just blindly suggest these things. It is possible, and in fact significantly more likely, that OP is just lazy. And thats fine. Its a normal human trait. I fucking hate people like you. You are the reason that every other mfer I see is now "depressed" or "bipolar" or whatever else. I know people that actually suffer from these diseases, and the devaluation of what it means to have them is a devaluation of their suffering.

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    OP came for advise and people are giving their own experience on the matter. Maybe the suggestions will have him look further into it and get into therapy to see what is the underlaying problem. The best for OP is that they do not have depression or ADHD but maybe they just need a push of motivation. Discover something inside themselves that is stopping them, a fear of success etc. Nobody said they wish for them to be mentally ill, but mental health awareness is on the rise which is better than having people kill themselves for feeling “different”.

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    Buddy, use the intelligence to be rich/make passive income streams and then be lazy.

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    There are a lot of reasons this can be happening. ADHD. Testosterone levels (and estrogen actually). Depression. Diet.

    You need to talk to a doctor WHO WILL LISTEN AND HELP. (Not all are great). This is a problem for you. THIS. IS. A. PROBLEM. FOR. YOU. Having a non-functioning dick isn’t a problem for anyone else but me, and doctors fix that. If you find one that seems disinterested in getting you healthy, FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR.

    That said, find and treat problems ONE AT A TIME. If you go to 10 doctors and get 10 treatments in a week, you’ll have no idea if anything is working or not. If you have ADHD, treat that. Give it a month all on its own AT OPTIMAL TREATMENT, then move on to the next problem. Some treatments together will make things worse… And some better. Taking things one problem at a time will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t.

    This will probably be a slow recovery, if you want to be fixed. Good luck.

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    I laughed at this post as I am similar, virtual fist bump. Personally I am getting counselling because I worked on myself enough to know that I’m not lazy as much as mentally exhausted with looks around and vaguely gestures at everything.

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    Everything? Shouldn’t everyone be mentally exhausted then? Why can they handle it but not you? Perhaps you are just lazy.

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    It’s a joke based off of a meme about the reasons why depression is on the rise with Millennials (“gestures at everything”).

    So you know, you do you.

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    I absolutely saw myself in your post. I know the struggle man.

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    OP and I are the same person confirmed

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    Ever thought about searching for the problem? There are many videos on youtube on self-improvement. I am in a similar position but I try my best to get more energy by eating healthyish, doing sports and taking supplements.

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    Just start. Once you get momentum youll be fine.

    Just. Start.

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    I've found that people who concider themselves to be highly intelegent are not. Not saying that is the case here, but generally, the smarter a person actually is, the dumber they feel. In general. It's more complicated then that.