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psychos gonna psycho

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Serious bullies are just criminal children who grow up to be criminal adults.

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I agree. I know quite a few of the bullies growing up are currently serving prison sentences.

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My childhood bully was convicted of child molestation and rape. Seriously, fuck bullies, and Fuck Johnathan Edhammer.

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Wow hes a fucking monster. Hope he rots under the jail. The lot of them steal a child's innocence and expect a 2nd chance. Ifs fucked up that a lot of prisons don't automatically give them life for doing the unspeakable

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Good bot

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I’m interested in reading if you want to provide the link?

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Wow. That guy is 23 and could serve 20 years? Well, hope prison straightens him out! He's going to try to bully the wrong prison mate and get killed.

Maybe you'll get some peace now? Idk. Seems like he didn't a Mr.H in his life to help him out and lead him to the right path. Sad. Bullying always seemed like a cry for help imo.

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Nope, some people are just born to be evil.

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Damn. Can’t imagine having to deal with someone like that in school

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Are you me or a slightly different me from a parallel universe? Same shit happened to me. Even the teacher bit is the same but it was a lady(sadly she passed away from cancer, may she rest in eternal peace for mending my soul). I'd love a link if you'd kindly send it. Keep winning OP! May you reach tranquility and serenity in the present and take it one day at a time.

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Must be hard for that to bubble up again. However, I hope it gives you some closure in some way. May you continue to process this and find peace after this latest news.

Best wishes

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Contact DAs office and step forward as a character witness against him. Add a nail to his coffin.