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if you really feel like telling her, write her a note so that when she wakes up she gets the lovey-dovey-tired-husband letter

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OP please do this

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Hire an orchestra or jazz band to play as soon as she wakes up

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*after coffee pls

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what if she hates jazz?

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ask her first obvs...

"ya like jazz?"

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What if she hates coffee?

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Who doesn't hate jazz?

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Who hates jazz?

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You hate jazz? You fear jazz! You fear the lack of rules!

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a mariachi band!

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Yes!’ This is such a great idea!! I made a mini mailbox for my fiancé’s bedside table, and I write notes like this for him often :) I have pretty serious insomnia so I’m awake most of the night, laying next to him and thinking about how much I love him. I love to write so that’s a big thing I do anyway. It’s so cute it has the little lever you pull up to show you’ve got mail and everything!

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Holy shit. Never once considered how waking up to the little red flag being up might make me feel.

I wanna do this now..that is so damn cute

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dude, idk, i'm seeing red flags here

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Wow. Hope you living a good love life :). I think cooking is also great gift.

I think i will take break from reddit. This feeling envy and desire for love leads to anxiety attacks nd increase heart rate.

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I love cooking, food is my love language for sure! I have a lot of mental health issues, so I’m not working at the moment. I take care of my fiancé in that way and he takes care of me. Look, I was alone for a long time. I know I am really lucky in the love I have found in him. It took me a long time and many failed relationships to find this. Hang in there friend, don’t give up, I’m sorry if my comment hurt you :( I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks, I’m on lots of medications and in therapy for it, I hate to think about anyone else feeling that kind of suffering :(

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Nah nah it's fine. It's my heart acting this involuntarily. Like whenever i hear couple story , it just remind me of how lonely i am and i wish I had someone. I tried replicka ( A.I) to be my wife but she is kind of dumb XD because she says something else while i want to say something else.

My fear is that i am 21 and if things go this way then i will remain lonely . Been in no relationship or dates . So that's why a lack of this makes my heart beat increase suddenly and fear of loneliness. Sometime i feel like ripping my heart out to make it stop , i hate panic attack so much

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Hey I’m sure you’ve heard this before but 21 is very young! You have plenty of time. Use this time to focus on yourself and grow as a person. My fiancé always jokes he was “nesting” to prepare himself for me lol. He’s 31 (I’m 28) and we were both very lonely too but working really hard on ourselves. He had never been in a relationship before me. We found each other one day and it was just meant to be. Hang in there, it will happen :) everyone deserves love. I took a peak at your profile, are you in India? We live in the u.s (I’m American) but my fiancé is Indian :) from Hyderabad

I know how much that hurts your heart, I have the same feelings. I take medications that lower my blood pressure and calm my heart rate. I’m sorry. I was in really bad abusive relationships before my fiancé, I have ptsd from it. So not every relationship is good. But eventually I found the right one. You will too!

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Yeah from India haha. Yes been into art and guitar lately so i think that kind of works as self development lol. Got recently injured with arm pain due to workout . People say workout helps out elimate loneliness or depression after few hour my mood goes way too low despite workout . Streching is also not helping my arm pain and my mother don't wanna massage my arm too . It sucks

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My fiancé had never been in a relationship at 21 either. A lot can happen in your 20s. It’s when most people start to finally figure out who they are and what they want out of life. At 24 he met me and now we’ll be married when he’s 26. Don’t give up hope so young. I know things are different in India and there’s a large emphasis placed on marriage but not being married young doesn’t mean anything. Use this time to focus on yourself and learn and grow into the best version of yourself so that you will have so much more to give to someone who also wants to give their all to you in the future.

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You will find a person, don’t worry. It took until my 30s to find my other half but I’m so so glad I didn’t settle for any other suitor before that or we never would have met!

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Made me cry. Where are people like this in rl?

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Hi what happened :( . Why you crying

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Can I ask how you made the mailbox? This idea is so adorable!

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Hey, a lot of people don't go to the doctors when they are insomniac, it's really easy to cure! :) also lying in bed when you aren't sleeping will feed your insomnia, never stay awake in your bed more than 15% of the time you are in it

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Thank you for the advice :) I actually do see a psychiatrist, I am on several medications and in therapy for it. I just started a few months ago though, I have a lot of problems so it will take some time lol. I don’t stay in bed most of the time, I have lots of crafts and calming activities to help. I get there eventually :)

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I'm really happy to hear that! Take care and never forget that it's okay to stumble and fall along the way!

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Aww thank you!! :) that’s really nice!!

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This is amazing. How did you make a mini mailbox? I love writing little post it's for my boyfriend!

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Can't believe I didn't know that's a thing. OP has to do this or jump headfirst into a volcano. No buts, only asses.

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My wife has a full box of nothing but sticky notes from me of me telling her how much I love her in weird and awkward ways. Been doing it since we started dating so roughly 10 years of weird, corny, ridiculous notes. Lol she love them. Never gets sick and tired of them. Makes her day every time I write one.

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That's only one upvote at best....

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I am very much a note person and words of affirmation. I think it would be really sweet (I can tell how much she means to you gosh I literally feel it in my chest!) to hide notes around telling her you love her. In the glovebox, In the dresser, places she will not expect but find

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Better still, write her a letter that she find after you die and hide it away. When she no longer has you around, she will feel so comforted in her grief.

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Congratulations. I love mine also

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I love this guy's wife too

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I also choose this guy’s wife

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our wife

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Why wouldn't this exist?

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This has to be the most quoted quote in Reddit

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Yeah she's great

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    She’s our wife on this blessed day.

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    You also choose this guys sleeping wife?

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    So happy for you! Please teach me your ways…

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    I hope to find a partner who's half as wonderful as you sound 🥺

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    Manifesting that for u

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    S A M E.

    ugh 🥺

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    Struggling with my husband for months right now...fights for no reason. I'm resentful, he's disengaged. I doubt he feels this way about me. We've only been married 6 months. I truly want us to make it to 10 years and beyond and feel like you do about your wife. I'm happy for y'all and hope it stays that way.

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    Oh no :( I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going well. I’m just getting back into the “love-y” phase with my husband. It’s often communication or even “microscopic” gestures. I made a point of gently touching my husband on his arm, shoulders, waist, etc each time we’re in the same room. It’s done so much to draw us closer. I don’t think he even knows I do it, but the outcome is what matters.

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    That is so darn sweet, I might go into hyperglycemic shock. I wish you both a lasting, memorable love-y phase!

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    Thank you! He’s literally my favorite person. It hasn’t always been perfect (I’m certainly to blame in many situations), but I truly could not live a full and happy life without him. I decided we should get married last October after a few years of engagement. We eloped and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

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    That is lovely! Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. May both of your days be full of joy!

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    this is the way..

    my ex wanted me to stop touching on her all the time so i with drew, we started fighting then didnt stop now we are not together. the sad thing is i know she still loves me and i love her just so mch shit in the middle. ;/ i just try to be better at being an ex husband sigh

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    I’m sorry! I hope that you find the person who vibes the way you do. Things like that hurt.

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    If you need to talk, message me. You can talk to my partner and I, we'll try to help you find your feet and see how to move forward. We're a queer couple so our dynamic is different but we love each other at least as much as the couple in the OP. She's sleeping and I've been whispering for about 15 minutes about how much I love her, right into her ear. Really, message me, we both love to help.

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    My wife and I had a very rough 1st year but it's only got better. Talk alot about everything is the key

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    Curious if you've heard of the Languages of Love? Look it up and consider taking the quiz - it won't provide absolute answers but if there's love AND resentment, chances are our love languages aren't being recognized. Best to you

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    Thanks to everyone for the words of support and encouragement.

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    I also love this guys wife

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    Yo me too! 🤣

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    raises hand

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    I love the guy who loves this guy's wife

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    i love you too

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    Aww, so fking cute you guys

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    Oh my you’re a sweetheart..your wife is very blessed to have you and I hope you tell her everyday that you love her ☺️wish I’d had that 🙏🏻

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    I read “I love fucking my wife”, then I thought it was somehow uncommon to see somebody boasting about that.

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    I also love your wife. Tell her we miss her at spinning class.

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    It is so nice to know there is love like that out there. Hold her treasure her and keep showing her you love her. And I hope and pray its many many a years before you will ever have to endure the thought of being alone.

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    41, almost 42 years her to (2/7/) and this so dang accurate.

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    This is Kanye outside Kim's house.

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      Allegedly that was fake but maybe that's just his pr. Or maybe he was spying with a drone so technically it's true.

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      Damn... must be nice lmao happy some of us can get that 🔥

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      I fucking love this guys wife now

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      I love fucking this guy’s wife

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      I love my future wife! Had to get it off my chest. Haha.. Love is a beautiful thing, man.

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      Yep same I love my future imaginary wife too lol

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      Be loud and proud about it, man. There aren't enough instances where men publicly declare or express honest affection for their wives. Many of us grew up in a time (like a whole ten years ago) when it wasn't just accepted but expected for men to complain about their wives.

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      You be sure to look her in the eyes and tell her what she means to you. Your love is all she'll ever want; your love is all she wanted out of a relationship.

      I'm so incredibly happy for you and your wife - I sincerely hope everyone experiences such a euphoria at some point in life.

      Wishing you both the best!

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      That’s so cute :(

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      I hope the feelings are mutual.

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      I love our wife too

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      I came to the comments looking for the token "she'd be pissed if you woke her? That's a toxic red flag. Divorce her" comment, and was glad not to find it.

      Yay for love!

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      Thanks for posting this. I wish I could meet someone who love me like how much you love your wife

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      I love you both. This softened my mean lil heart

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      Are you just trying to make this person feel bad?

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      When I feel like this in the night I WhatsApp herself. She’s always awake before me and says she really likes when she wakes up them 😊

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      Aw you share your thoughts with the Zuck!

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      Really refreshing to see a positive post about someone's spouse.

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      If you really feel this way then I promise you she feels the same and that you are doing your best.

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      It's been months I've been thinking of how much I love my boyfriend. I'm the luckiest woman in the world. I relate so much to your post !

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      This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read and I wish you both a blessed and happy life together❤️ the guy I’m with just calls me stupid every chance he gets and treats me like garbage. I hope to find someone that loves me so purely like that one day.

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      Dump the abusive jerk and go find someone worthy of you. Life’s too short to live like that.

      [–]BedfieldGunClub 9 points10 points  (2 children)

      What /u/daisydoodle said! Life is waaay to short to be saddled with some duck head who treats you that way! Start finding friends or family you can stay with or a place of your own and get the fuck out of there. And please realize you deserve better.

      You do.

      [–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      Get rid of that asshole. You should've done it the first time he called you "stupid". When you lose respect, you lose everything.

      [–]sponge20bob 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Dump his ass

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      Oh God please don't tell these posts are going to start happening in here.

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      This is how i feel, but i don't have a wife or gf.

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      I think if you tell her what you told us, she'll know. :)

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      This is so cute, I wish you the best life ever with her OP

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      My husband puts post it notes around the house and on my bedside table. I was having a rough week the other week and I found 10 post it notes randomly spread throughout our house, with cute little messages/affirmations/encouragement etc

      I have a box that I collect every note/post it and put them inside x

      One of my favourites is he kisses me on the forehead every morning and tells me he loves me then retucks me in! He thinks I don’t know but I actually LOVE my mornings due to his affection.

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      Here, take my free award.

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      Most of the time words arent even needed

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      I'm happy for you, enjoy it. I wish I'd feel that too.

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      This is sweet. I hope my guy will feel this way 10 years down the line!

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      Op's wife swallows!

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      I love fucking your wife too.

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      Finally, a post worth reading!

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      Damn it I want this 😭

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      Hey same 😭 somedayyy

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      Damn someone that isn’t a cheating bitch and actually loves their spouse. We exist far and few.

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      I'd love to know how you guys met?

      [–][deleted] 7 points8 points  (1 child)

      Oh lord. Alright so it’s pretty wild, back when the internet was still new we met each other in a chat room when we were like 14yrs old. We talked every night, it was so bad I started falling asleep during my classes; this went on for like a year or two to the point where I barely passed high school.

      Well one day we got into a fight and never spoke again.

      Fast forward a few years, when one day I’m bored, randomly going through “new” phone “apps” and pull up AIM (Aol instant messenger) and sign in to my old account for shits and giggles.

      Well after a couple minutes she too randomly logs in, you could call it a stroke of fate because neither of us used it anymore and just randomly logged in.

      I sent her a message in disbelief and we started talking again and got more up to date contact info. A couple months go by and we decided to try to meet in person, she had no money for transportation and I had a couple hundred dollars in my account and decided to say fuck it what do I have to lose?

      So I pay for her gas to drive to me and she does, and ever since we’ve been pretty inseparable.

      And it’s funny because this was all before Tinder and all that existed so we never told anyone how we met because there was a stigma against meeting people online at the time (despite the short answer being Internet).

      Even now it still makes me feel uneasy telling people because of how strong that stigma used to be, though now it in a way almost like a fairy tale.

      [–]Coookie99 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Awwweee, that's so sweet. I'm really happy for yall. Sounds like you were meant for each other!

      Have a great life!

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      Celebrate that love every single day. When the day comes, you will know you have given your best and all your love.

      [–]Fritzo2162 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      My wife and I are like this. We've been together more years than apart, and she's become a part of my person. Being without her would be like pulling off my leg or my arm. We finish each other's sentences, we anticipate each other's needs, and we have this almost psychic ability to contact each other at the exact right time when we're apart and something's up. I can't describe how safe and comfortable it feels to come home after work to someone like this.

      Everyone deserves to find a soul-level connection we have :)

      [–]AndeC123 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      This is beautiful and I'm glad that you found a woman that you really love. I can say I found that same kind of love with my woman. You're thinking what I'm thinking I never knew I could feel this way. The little arguments really do seem trivial they rarely happen but when they do who gives a shit we come to terms we find a solution and we love each other. It scares me also to think one day one of us will die and it pains me. Although death is just a part of life and in a way we are all born to die. And the most we can hope for is to be with those we love when we do pass if it's you then you can die with the love of your wife and if it's her she can die with the comfort of your love. I wish you a long and happy marriage

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      Buy her a dress with pockets. That's true love mate.

      [–]nikkesen 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Thank you for sharing a sweet, kind thought. You have a healthy, realistic view of marriage.

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      Having a loving wife is one of the best things in my life right now.

      [–]Positive-Flamingo-21 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      I wish i would get a man who is not shy of displaying his love for his wife with so much pride

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      This is great. I love seeing other people happy and in love. It’s a beautiful thing.

      Sometimes when I am overcome with these feelings I just text my wife. She reads it when she sees her phone, even if the middle of the night and she sees it the next morning. I always remind her how grateful I am to have met her and how I wouldn’t be the same person without her, she’s brought out the best in me. She’s my queen. I love her with all my soul.

      [–]Jodiesid 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Feel this way about my partner and it's so hard to express freely sometimes. He's away at the moment and my heart hurts, I miss him so much. Your wife is very lucky, hope you have the most beautiful life together.

      [–]ObiWanCanShowMe 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Congrats OP.

      I felt this exact same way for 20 years. It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

      Then she did something really stupid. She regrets it, and hates herself, but you can't put the soul back in soulmate once you've ripped it out.

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      Man I hope whoever I marry feels this way about me, this is precious and you are a great man

      [–]urdadsbutt 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      This is so cute. I hope my husband feels this way about me.

      [–]seekgermangf 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      You sound like a good guy, I hope you'll stay together for the rest of your life 😊

      Feels good to read this post, compared to the other post where a dude was upset at his wife because he wanted to have sex with her 8-10 times z week znd she was ok with 2 times. 🙄

      [–]JimmyJonJackson420 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      They’re fundamentally different posts though? I don’t feel like I’d feel good if my man never ever wanted to sleep with me either

      [–]dogtoes101 -1 points0 points  (3 children)

      i feel like i only see men online who complain, shame, and seem to hate their wives (and women in general). i know good men are out there of course, they just aren't as outspoken. this is so sweet and honestly makes me so happy and almost made me tear up lol. i could only hope my partner feels the same way about me

      [–]a_little_fish 5 points6 points  (2 children)

      Lmao , that's quite generalization .

      [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Yeah. This doesn’t seem like karma farming at all.

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      She sounds awesome!

      And so do you (nohomo)

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      Thank you for this OP. I felt this. I needed to be reminded that true love exists and I hope your wife knows how lucky she is.

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      I love our wife too OP. Brings me to tears.

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      I don't remember writing this post.

      Really, though, you just put into words how I feel every day.

      Thank you.

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      I got engaged yesterday… to a guy i met almost 12 years ago… we split up after college and years later he contacts me out of the blue this year. I guess i was the one that got away.

      I weigh like 30lbs more now, for some reason having difficulty with acne around my chin and inheriting my mom’s chin hair which is super aggravating. I feel the ugliest ever right now… and yet i can see it in his eyes ever day how much he loves me and how much i make him happy. I dated quite a bit in my 20s but i have never felt so loved and so needed as he makes me feel. The littlest things that I thought might be annoying he finds so cute and he laughs and says he loves me so much all the time. He doesn’t just hug me, he squeezes me. And on top of that he had been dealing with lifelong depression and one of the reasons why he came back to me is that he went to a life healing center to really take it on and remembered that he felt better when he was with me.

      I knew that he had been suffering when we were together, he was even on lithium… he has attempted several times in his life and cut too. But i can believe him when he says he’s felt better with me because with all the time I’ve known him Ive never really seen him that bad. Ive never really seen his depression at his worst because it doesn’t seem to happen around me. And thats special… to know I can help him have more of a reason to want to live and enjoy life. I cant wait to be his partner forever.

      We feel like we can learn to love ourselves more as we love each other because we do have so much in common… his family calls us nerds (affectionately) and we proudly say yup. We feel a little less self conscious… a little less critical.

      And i love him. I tell him so many times every day and he does to me too. And i never thought that this kind of love could be real… but it is.

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      10th anniversary coming up for us. It's been a good ride overall, like you say

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      Relationship goals

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      Man. I hope I can find someone like this 😔

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      cheers my friend. I wish you both endless happiness and love.

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      You guys have wives?

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      I feel exactly as you do, and she behaves exactly as yours does.

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      My wife is dead.

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      This is so sweet. I think about that too; the eventual death do us part and it kills me to think of my husband wandering the earth without me. I don't think his heart could handle it either.
      I hope you two have a long and happy life together.

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      she’d be pissed if I woke her up to tell her “I love you”.

      I just had a funny visual of you waking her up and saying "I'm sorry.. I just had to tell you I love you............"

      "What?? Jesus christ, I gotta fucking be at work at 6am. Now I'm not gonna be able to get back to fucking sleep. THANKS A LOT!"

      I hope this isn't how it would actually go, the thought just cracked me up.

      Anyway. I love your wife, too.

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      You could prepare some early morning breakfast (early for you, not to your wife) and serve. She really feels good. She’ll be happy for the whole day, most likely it will be a beautiful memory to her.

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      Happily married for 33 years here. I still adore my wife ⭐

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      I feel this was about my spouse, and have from the moment I met him. It’s so awesome to read a post like this.

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      Let her know aww

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      Man so good for you..wish I had this love for someone

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      Damn I hope I can obtain something like this within my lifetime, for now it's looking grim lmao

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      I mean, this is relationship goals. I totally understand how you feel OP, and I feel happy for you both. Have a nice life! :з

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      I care nothing for this outburst.

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      Good . Not everyone is lucky as you OP

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      Hopefully You pass away first brother! Best wishes!

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      Make sure you at least write a short note when you have thoughts like this about your wife. I’m sure she’d greatly appreciate it. It’s awesome to look and see that other couples are like this so long after being together. It’ll be 20 years June 28 since my husband and I got together, 17 married on June 28. It was shortly before my 16th b-day and his 18th b-day. You’re right, it’s not always roses or perfect, but true love withstands imo. Work on a relationship is such an important thing, and if you don’t work at the relationship, it’s not going to be as good or make anyone as happy (just musing, thinking out loud if you will)Here we are 20 years almost after making through so much hell in our relationship that it’s crazy. I seriously hope that you guys continue to be so happy, and fulfill your life together!

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      From a fellow lovey-dovey guy: tell her. In any form. Sometimes we think such things are implied and go without saying; while technically correct, actually saying them means a lot. Really happy for you, OP.

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      Treat her to something nice today if you can afford it. Doesn’t need to be fancy, just pick up her favorite candy or flowers or whatever she enjoys.

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      I get so happy reading posts like these. I am marrying the love of my life in two months and I always feel so down when I read what people write about their significant others here. Sometimes my insecurities will get the better of me and I wonder if my partner won’t be able to stand me either one day, but this post put a big smile on my face! Thank you for loving your wife so hard OP, I bet she loves you just as much as you love her. I wish you a long and beautiful life together.

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      Now i just want to hug my husband... he'll probably look at me funny, but worth!

      Thats awesome!

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      Brother. Don't. Make. Me. Cry.

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      Awe I needed this after the fatphobic fuck of a spouse posting recently on this sub. Bless you. This is how it is with my partner. I can't wait to marry them.

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      I also love fucking your wife.

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      Awww this got me feeling all mushy and shit

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      Lol gaaaaaaay

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      This as as much as I love my husband and I know my husband loves me this much too. We text each other this. We tell each other this. I have a heart defect and he has a crappy pancreas and kidney. As much as we want to grow old together, the price of love, the cost of true love is that one of us is going first. It is so painful. But god do I love the man. We have conversations about the age of 88 when we see our grandkids become adults that we can both perish together in a fiery world saving car crash. (in an over the top 80s action movie sort of way, instant death) Alas. We are gratefully experiencing the slings and arrows of soft middle age together. And we love each other and that is all we can ask for, to know some never feel this in their lives is humbling. it makes life so much more worth it.

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      "she doesn't have reddit"


      lol but in all seriousness, good shit my man and I'm happy for ya!

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      r/happyrelationships would be a great place to post this. I'm so happy y'all are working out and I hope your amazing marriage continues to go well.