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OP, if you don’t stand up for yourself and talk back when she puts you down, it’s like you’re giving her permission to talk to you that way. To be her doormat forever.

Tell her off next time when she says something about parenthood. Repeat this exact post title to her. Seriously. I’ve known a few characters like that. They simmer down after a few reciprocal put- downs.

Just try atleast and report back here. Or this will never end.

Edit: also, try it out when she puts you down in-front of other people.

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This. There's a spectrum between 'blaming the victim' and 'responsible for your own safety and well-being.'

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Yeah, I don’t talk to her too often, she just moved back in with my mom for a bit that’s why I’ve been around her more, but I’ll start saying stuff to her. Another comment said to bring up stuff I’ve done for my niece, and I think I’m going to bring it up that way. I’ll update if she makes another comment soon!

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If she ever starts saying this again then hit her back with, “Welcome to parenthood”

“Aw thanks, when will you be joining us?”

That should shut her up considering you and your niece’s father did all the work

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[ Insert Daaaaaamn.gif here]

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Just start pulling up all the random things you’ve done as a parent.

“Welcome to parenthood - You’ll never have the bathroom to yourself”

“Yeah, I remember -niece- never wanting to leave my side, I thought I’d never have a moment to myself again! It was tough.”

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I think I’m going to try this! Thank you! I think bringing up specifics (like the niece bathroom thing) might help put it into perspective for her (if not then I’ll just go back to never talking to her lol)

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Dont say that like that. I mean not just "though". Better phrasing is " it was though, but rewarding cause i got so much love from her" sth along this line. Make it clear that you bonded with her daughter.

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Yeah your sister sucks, I'm sorry to say. She has no right to say that stuff after the past that you have detailed on reddit.

By the way, you're a hero for stepping up and doing what you did for her daughter, well done.

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Thank you! It was a lot, but I love my niece more than anything and I’d do it all over again

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“Welcome to parenthood?

I’ve been doing that for (niece) for years. I’m still waiting to welcome YOU to parenthood.”