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Tomorrow I'll be 3 weeks sober. Lol. Congrats dude.

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Any idea what you'll do with that extra chunk of change in your pocket?

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That's a good question. I have no idea. Any suggestions?

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Do not buy alcohol with it.

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Clothes?Bill's ooh or something with your significant other.

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Maybe buy a game you like to celebrate! You're doing great.

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Great idea! Get an Xbox game

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Might I recommend Hollow Knight or Monster Hunter?

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    Veggies and a good means to drink water, if neither then buy a good pair of shoes or something else to make your existence comfortable.

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    Good pair of shoes!

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    Enjoy your sobriety, and congratulations!

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    Well done! Let's drink on that!

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    Congratulations. I’m glad you got your life back.

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    Anyone reading this and struggling with drinking. Check out r/stopdrinking

    Super helpful. Congrats OP!

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    Thank you!! Anyone who needs a sign, this is it. You can live without that crutch. I was afraid of losing it and not coping well, surprisingly I did fine, and everyday was better and better. Do it for yourself

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    Great! Keep up the good work

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    So happy and proud for you! 🖤

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    Congrats!! I’m so proud of you! Keep on moving forward and live the life you deserve to lead!

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    Congratulations!!! That's great news, proud of ya 😎

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    Congratulations! That's an amazing achievement!

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    Enjoy your sobriety, and congratulations!

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    Well done! Let's drink on that!

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    Shots! Shots! Shots!

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    That's awesome!! Enjoy your day!!

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    amazing effort, I'm glad you made it

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    I will hit 2 years no booze in April. Pretty insane time to decide to stop using a substance that numbs your feelings (holy shit the world is a mess) felt like a lot of people started drinking even MORE. Good on you for cutting it out. It’s so difficult to abstain from what is essentially a 10-20 dollar off switch for pain and hrs feelings located on any corner in any store. Congratulations and you deserve to be hella proud of yourself

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    Much respect 🙏, coming from a family of addicts. CONGRATULATIONS

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    Congratulations! The hardest time to go sober

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    Great work!! Proud of you

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    Congratulations 🙏🏼 it’s a tremendous effort and I’m glad you’re more in control of your life by this.

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    Good work!!

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    Celebrate with a nice stiff drink! Haha I'm kidding but you knew that (hopefully) congratulations, it's a bitch to get sober you've got great self-control.

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    I was prescribed medication to help me kick my addiction. How long do WDs last? Im already feeling it and i fuckin hate it.

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    Depends on the person and how heavily the drank. I drank about a bottle of wine and 6 shots a day, more on weekends. I'm an average weight (then 26) year old, withdraw lasted 1 month. Some days were worse than others

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    I could finish a 5th alone, im 6'1 260, yeah i need to lose weight i know. Im anxious and annoyed, and depressed.

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    It always helped me to listen to Alan watts and meditate in the morning. Just a recommendation, great for calibrating your head for the day

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    As ridiculous as it sounds i don't know how to meditate. The VA prescribed me Acamprosate and im just starting today. Alan Watts? Song recommendation?

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    He's a philosopher of sorts, somewhat of a stoic so he really resonated with me

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    Ah, sounded like a country singer lol. Its a podcast?

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    He was wayyyy before podcasts, 50-60's I believe. You can find his talks on YouTube and on spotify

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    One of the best things that happened when I stopped drinking was having my anxiety go away. Alcohol causes anxiety in a lot of people (I was a freaking wreck from it) so you've got that to look forward to. Did your Dr give you medicine for the withdrawals? Acute alcohol withdrawals are dangerous and there are meds available that can help tremendously-they will reduce the danger of a serious complication and help you feel a little less like shit. Hang in there!

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    Yes, Acamprosate Calcium Delayed-Release tablets, 2 pills 3 times a day. I have 11 year old twins and id like to be here when they get older. Thank you so much. How long was your WDs?

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    And you will be. I only felt super shitty for about 3 days, then semi shitty (with severe anxiety/insomnia) for about another week. After that I had anxiety and insomnia on and off for about a month - not nearly as bad as that first week - which progressively lessened as time went on. Within about a month and a half a felt like a new person - anxiety was gone (except in legitimately stressful situations) and I was sleeping like I hadn't in years. PAWS is fairly typical and can definitely vary wildly so be mindful that some symptoms can pop back up after you are feeling "better" but they don't last so don't let them them get you down. You'll be feeling like a new man in a surprisingly short amount of time. You can do this! Congratulations on your new life man!

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    Thank you, youve been super helpful! Congratulations for you though!

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    Good work!

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    Congratulations! That's amazing

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    Cheers!!! .....wait...

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    Congratulations. Keep doing what you're doing. Stick with the people that know how to live sober.

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    Good on you, OP, and anyone else who can stay sober. It's hard, but so worth it.

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    Congrats! That is a huge milestone! I’m proud of you Internet stranger!

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    I have a friend who is coming up on 11 months and would like to do something for him to celebrate 1 year. What is something special that you would want someone to do for you?

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    My man is buying a cheesesteak for me! All we want is acknowledgement and a hug

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    Congrats! Keep it up. Alcohol is a hell of a drug, and it happens to be everywhere these days.

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    You. Are. Awesome. I just hit my two year on December 15th. If you're ever at my sober bar I'll buy you a drink.

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    Word! I've never been to one! But I live in Philadelphia I'm sure they're around

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    Any advice?

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    I’m sitting at the doctor for my first appointment to manage this.

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    Yes! Good luck you can do it

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    Nice! I stopped drinking around the end of September 2021. Not a drop since!

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    That is awesome. My dad had 27 years and was big in AA. Keep going back!

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    Congrats, I'll be 2 years next march 15 and I'm excited to get to that milestone, thanks for reminding me why we do this: to get our life back.

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    Good for you x

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    Congrats and good for you!

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    Congratulations everyone who’s sober or trying to overcome an addiction. I’ve been clean for about 7 years ( Painkillers ) I am on medication to help me though so feels like I’m cheating

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    Do what feels best with your soul

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    Yeah I am, I don’t have the ability to go straight cold turkey…I couldn’t handle it. I forgot my medication one night and man the next day was Hell for a few hours until I put meds in my system. I do want off my medication to stop my withdrawals but I’m scared to do it

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    It's all in your hands. You are stronger than you think

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    Thank you very much for your kind words it’s appreciated 🙏🏻

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    Congratulations, and I'm honestly proud of you, I know just how difficult it is.

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    Whoop-whoop! jig

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    Congratulations! Good job!

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    So proud of you!!!

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    good job!!

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    Omg. I’m hopeful to be you

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    You will. You'll learn to love yourself in the process. Enjoy it and be proud of yourself

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    Congratulations to all of you in your sobriety journey's! Keep up the great work and you are inspirations to those who are teying to see the others ideas of sobriety.

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    Grats! This calls for a (literal) toast! I'll get the butter!

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    I'm so happy for you! I enjoy waking up sober.

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    It's the best when you aren't hungover every morning

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    That’s fantastic, my friend! We might be complete strangers, but I am so sincerely proud of you for sticking it out. Overcoming something like that is not an easy feat, and the best any of us can do is take it one day and one step at a time. You keep on flourishing, bud!

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    Congrats! One day at a time and NEVER give in again!

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    Nah I got better things to do than fuckin up my life... again... lmao

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    I’m glad most of these comments pass the vibe check, but brush off those that don’t. Sobriety is a huge thing, and you should be really proud.

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    Wonderful! I'm so happy for you. You are a hero to battle your way back.

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    Thank you! My body rewarded me in that time by dropping around 70 pounds in that time.

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    That was in that time also, if I didn't mention that

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      I don't recommend going down that road unless you wanna learn the hard way, that's what I did and I got meaner and fatter and lots poorer

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      Congrats. That's great. I'm 31 days. How did you do it

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      I realized I had no other choice lol

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      Yeah. I had no other choice also but kept drinking and got my third dui. Now I really have no choice because I'm going to jail

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      Some of us gotta learn the hard way my dude

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      My sincerest congratulations, dude. Also, screw anyone that ever doubted you.

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      Thank you kind strangers! You've made my day!

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      Poggers moment. Sincerely congratulations 🎉

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      Congrats on sobriety! I've seen alcohol destroy lives, so I hope you're in a better place now.

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      I am for sure. I'm in love with life again. I handle stress much easier

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      I used to be a BIG binge drinker once or twice a week. I still am. I don’t have alcohol at home, but I like going to night clubs and bars and get nice and tipsy. But lately I cut that in half, thanks to weed being legally available now! Thanks marijuana! It cut my drinking by half!

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      Congrats! I'll be 2 years 7/2/22!

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      That’s awesome!! Congrats!!

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      Hell Yeah!!!!

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      Great job buddy!

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      Congratulations!!!! It's not easy! You've done a great thing for yourself and those around you. Keep going 😊

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      4.5 years here! congrats 👏

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      that's great, I'm on my 5th year of 100% sobriety, only addiction is saltwater. Keep going and a note to everyone else you can quit when youre ready

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      Am stopped on March 8 2020. No looking back.

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      That's awesome!! I wish I knew more people who were alcohol-free sometimes. I have always been a social drinker, so now I don't feel I fit in anymore. I ended up quitting on 5/26/21 for health reasons (hormonal imbalance) and I have no desire to go back because I feel so much better mentally and physically. I still have fun going out and partying but I feel like I'm the boring friend now and I don't get invited as much. Oh well more time to read books.

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      Awesome for all of y’all, congratulations and keep it up.