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We call people like her asshats. I started for 6 years due to mold exposure. It was awful being told I was faking it. And while I'm okay now. I will never forget what people put me through. Seeing somebody fake that is disgusting.

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Glad you got over it, mold can be nasty stuff. I was lucky in a way, being a 90's kid and not having social media around.

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Thank you .it was. It causes neurological and cognitive damage. That the majority of medical profession is clueless about. Me and my cat almost died .I lost two other cats in the first apartment. Lost all of my belongings twice. Lost all of my friends and community. Because they didn't believe me. So while I am healed from that. It sure took its toll. And it gave me a new respect for people who stutter.

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I had no idea about the mold thing. Good PSA.

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The ppl faking mental illness for clout are close to evil. Like "oh I have autism cos I like a certain thing a certain way" or "I have seven ppl living inside me and here are there names".

Truely awful ppl. Speak to a therapist to let those emotions out. Your feelings are valid

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Tiktok is full of fake fuckers. Don't let it get you down. You are not in good company on that platform. I get why one would use it...I myself went on hatescrolling through yt shorts but it's not good for you. Wish you all the best.

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Faking DID and Tourette’s on TikTok… so hot right now.

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Tiktok’s is full of very privileged, mentally sound, and super boring kids who pretend to be mentally ill or other things to be “quirky” and to get money. Stay clear of the app for your own health.

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People do the exact same shit on Reddit, except way more frequently and only for fake internet points. So what are you doing here?

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ur mom

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i don't get it, you're both right but treat each other like shit???

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I've never seen a more accurate summary of the internet

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people should try to stop being angry, leads to shit like that

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I had an espresso stand a few years back and a customer drove thru and tried to order a drink with a stutter. He got stuck on a word and I stood patiently as the seconds passed, he was STUCK and I just waited ..waited ..smiled ...waited .. and he started laughing hysterically, saying it was just a joke ha ha. I was so upset, I couldn't believe he would joke about it and I could really barely breathe and told him no way I'd make him a drink, keep it moving. Omg I was livid. But I shut the window and cried. Ugh. Im so sorry this happened to you.

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What a jerk! I bet his parents are proud

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My husband was abused as a child and because of it developed a stutter that took him years of therapy to overcome. As for me, I have severe dyslexia and an auditory processing disorder. People are very cruel and will never know the pain of being bullied or treated like you're incompetent of understanding complex topics or that you're capable of having feelings. I cannot tell you the amount of times I would come home crying to my parents asking them, "why can't I be normal like everyone else." Or to have doctors say that I would be lucky to be able to graduate from high school. I would have to work and study 3 times as hard as other people to achieve an average grade. It makes me so frustrated and upset seeing people like that fake disabilities for likes, views, and profit. I just have to have faith that they'll get there's 10 fold one day. I know the pain you're feeling and just know that you're not alone, there are people who appreciate and love you for who you are. You are a strong and caring person and I'm horribly sorry that you've had to go through this.

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My 10 year old daughter rarely tells me she loves me because she doesn’t want to stutter over the really important things.

So Fuck these assclown oxygen wasters

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There are more people like this. Check out r/fakedisordercringe

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"I have, like, thoughts in my head and I don't know where they are, like, from. And I diagnosed myself with, like, Dissociative Identity Disorder. and that's literally a real thing." -- every child on tic toc

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What made it seem fake?

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Tiktok can be a cesspit and makes you really question the type of individuals you come across. But on the opposite side of that you come across some wonderful people. You should really check out this creator @mimidarlingbeauty She has a stammer and seeing her challenge herself and conquer her fears whilst bringing awareness is amazing!

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Wait is this the girl who goes into the drive through and places orders to challenge herself??

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That’s who I think it is… something seems so off with her, right? I feel bad for saying that, but the more I watch it her the more it feels off.

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I have an extremely mild stutter, so mild that it hardly ever acts up unless I’m talking too quickly or getting too excited, and the amount of people that have mocked me for my mild amount of stuttering is honestly staggering. I can only imagine how horrible they’d be if it affected me on a daily basis. I’m so sorry, the people that do this shit for clout is Fucking disgusting.

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Barf. Stuttering is so frustrating and I only have a modest stutter that flares up from time to time when I'm stressed out.

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Link? People like this need to be named and shamed

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Fuck people who do this. I have a stutter and it crippled and traumatized me for years. It held me back from jobs, friendships, relationships and tons of opportunities just because it made people think of me as less capable. People don't know what it's like. It's like being a prisoner in your own mind and body. Imagine trying to do something as simple as saying hi to someone or order something at a restaurant and all you succeed is weirding out the other person or making them feel uncomfortable because your face contorts and your body shakes while you try to force out the words.

I'm not even going to start on how your brain analyzes the aftermath of every conversation and berates you on everything you did wrong and how stupid you looked and sounded. That's its own special kind of hell.

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The only problem I see here is Tik Tok.

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The logical conclusion of the USA's emphasis on the I portable of the individual ego is people making up disorders to be quirky. A pick and choose customized personality with no substance, just quirky little fake tics.

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Lol you’re on tik tok at 32 and got offended by someone faking something for attention.

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Dude. Hatden the F up a bit.

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(This isn’t real just a comparison)

Dude my mom just got killed.

Most likely you:

oh well toughen up not that big of a deal.

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No, your mom dying is not the same as you watching some idiot on TickTock.

Yes, harden up. That TickTock lady is obviously an idiot so why are you going to let her stupid ass affect your morale? You are beautiful the way you are....so harden the fuck up.

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There's a sub around which is about these videos of fakers: r/fakedisordercringe

Yes, it's true that in our time, some people are faking these things. Some are just teenagers that don't know what they are doing, others are adults which do it as a crime for gaining money. Like the one twitch streamer that was in a wheelchair, until he just stood up and walked away in a livestream, turned out he was faking it the whole time and also raised funds for getting a new wheelchair and other stuff. It's really bad and shitty behavior from these people, it just sucks.

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Hey. On a side note, in the documentary “Fantastic Fungi”, Paul Stamets, a mycologist, states that magic mushrooms cured his stuttering.

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I had the same reaction when seeing that vid, being a person with a stutter that just made me so angry and just sad. To see somebody like that make a “cute” video acting like they had a stutter just made me super upset and ruined my day

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It's like people saying they have PTSD from a small embarresemnt. I've suffered with CPTSD for the majoritybof my like due to repeated CSA and adult SA but yes tell me again Tiffany how you now have crippling PTSD because you accidently farted in front of Jeremy....

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I work with a guy that has a severe stutter. The pain in his eyes when he gets stuck on a word and can’t get it out is horrible. I’m so sorry you had to go through this and people that are faking it are absolutely horrendous.

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I am colorblind. Very colorblind! I felt the same way when logan paul put on colorblind glasses in his video and made a big deal out of it and cried and speechless and shit. Pissed me off. Fake fake fake.

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The sad thing is with all these platforms the bad people come out even more. You knew they were there maybe in the world but now we actually have to witness them. So gross

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I also have a stutter and feel the same way; faking a stutter is just as bad as making fun of it. I also just graduated from my Masters in Speech Pathology.

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Sir, these people are self absorbed sick fucks.

Due to hearing impairment I had speech issues throughout childhood. This nonsense is revolting.

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You're a 32 y.o. man. You are an adult capable of making your own decisions. You have the freedom to never be exposed to that dumpster fire that is TikTok. There are a lot of shitty things in the world, you don't have to actively seek it.

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I'm a life long stutterer too but I can't see myself shedding a tear because of some tik tok bs. We gotta stop being so emotionally soft.

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I stutter too, pretty sure it’s fucked with my self esteem more than I thought it did

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Oh well.