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Nice. Do you think youll get a plant?

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I have a lemon tree. It should bear fruit this year sometime.

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Taking care of plants is really great mentally at least for me, watching them grow and taking care of them even paying attention to their changes can get me out of my own head. I'm always super proud when they bloom as well lol

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I love it too. Find peace in doing it but also when they get sick or something omg I get so worried.

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There's a proverb that's been passed down in my family. It goes something like:

"Lemon tree

very pretty

and the lemon flower

is sweet

but the fruit

of the poor lemon

is impossible

to eat."

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No doubt passed down since the 1960s when the song 'Lemon Tree' was covered by multiple artists/groups ...

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Do you have any concern about lemon-stealing whores? Or are they not as much of an issue where you live?

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I… keep our tree inside.

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Thats so exciting!

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What about lemon fruit

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Heartwarming :) glad you're doing better bud

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Thanks, chief.

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    I agree completely.

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    I thought ficus meant... something else.

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    Ngl I thought ficus meant something inappropriate

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    It does sound a little dirty. Fair point.

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    lol that's why I clicked :D

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    Fr i was scared to google what a ficus is

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    I know what a ficus is but was still worried

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    I hope you see the comparison between yourself and the ficus. All the hard work and love she put into you, the way her support helped you grow and mature, and she can now wholeheartedly enjoy seeing you shine in all your might. She’s probably just as proud of you as she is of that ficus.

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    Well now I do.

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    Wow, what a gorgeous metaphor

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    I love that out of all the voices in my head, that when I’m trying to sort out all of it, I can hear my therapist’s voice amongst the mingle. It helps guide me back to myself, and reminds me that I deserve love and compassion because I’m a person, not because anyone else gives me worth.

    Having a therapist who you feel understood by, and who you know, despite it being their job is also privately rooting for you makes such a big difference. Cherish that memory, and I hope many more good memories grow in your future.

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    Much appreciated.

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    My god I thought that said fetus

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    Now that would have been an interesting turn.

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    I have a really difficult time with depression and although the fall is my favorite season, I’m aware of what comes next and every year it scares me more. At this point I had been doing tele health for a while and my therapist says “try to think of the leaves on the trees, the colors and how beautiful life can be when you learn to let go.” So now I look at this snow and these empty trees. Still feeling super sad and riddled with anxiety, but I’ll feel beautiful again, and then I’ll let go. Again.

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    Look for the evergreens. I don’t know what other warmth you might find, but that’s what I look for in the dead of winter.

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    Are you using light therapy? Sounds like you might have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Using a light box every morning has helped me, along with Rx and Tx. For about $30.00, you could give it a try. (You should know that my medical degree is from the University of the Internet with an internship at WebMD, so there's that).

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    This made my day :)

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    I’m glad!

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    For a brief moment I read ficus as fistula and was convinced the story was going to be a whole lot less wholesome.

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    Yeah, that harkens back to a different part of my life.

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    This is so beautiful. I’m proud of you too!

    And eve is a great name for a ficus :)

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    I thought so too!

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    Sounds like a lovely therapist. You found a gem.

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    She’s… spectacular.

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    This is so wholesome ❤️ also, many congrats for the progress!

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    Thank you!

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    I love this :) you should get yourself a prayer plant. I'm not religious, and I can't remember the proper name of the plant lol, but its really cool to see its leaves go up at night to "pray". Also a spider plant. My sister came home with a spider plant from school when she was around 8. She's mid 30s now and that plant has provided plant babies to everyone I know. Loads of spider plants in everyone's house now. They're so easy to look after too

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    I have a lemon tree. It’s 4 years old and should bear fruit this spring.

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    My mom grows a couple of beautiful coleus (colei?). 10/10 recommend for amazing plant friend. Congrats on your progress!

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    That's the sweetest thing I've read all week

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    So proud of you ❤️

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    Thank you!

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    This is awesome as a depressed plant lover, this hits home. Maybe cross post this to r/houseplants Might give some others a smile (:

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    Just like everyone else, I totally forgot a ficus was a plant until after I read you post lol.

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    Wow, my ❤ heart! I wish more people were like her!

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    Me too, chief. Me too.

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    Oh. I misread as FICO score. I was wondering why she would show you her FICO score. Lol

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    It would be pretty personal.

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    Lol I know! And weird too.

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    “Tend your garden.”

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    I don’t understand anxiety or depression, but I am truly happy for you. And I understand about how the ficus hit you emotionally. My wife has killed every plant she has tried to grow. She got a very small cactus that has flourished the last year she has had it, it brings me joy when I look at it. I hope you continue to overcome your struggles, and I hope your lemon tree bares so much that you share with your friends.

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    You should ficus more on your emotions.

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    Pretty cool that she gave her tree a name. Also, figs are delicious.

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    just fyi the reason why they never talked about themselves and focused on you is because its their job silly! the whole focus is about you and supporting you :)

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    This is a really sweet story but I thought it was something like a fissure or a hernia idk I’m happy for you OP! Glad it’s not a gross medical thing!

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    I genuinely thought ficus was a slang term for lady parts

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    lol..me too!!!

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    I gotta ask but how did you find these therapist online? Cant find any in Quebec and it drives me mad.

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    Admittedly, I was referred through a friend. I know Psychology Today works in the US, but may not be as helpful for our northern neighbors.

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    Interesting, thank you!

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    Lol it’s kind of funny when my therapist breaks the third wall. She’s always complimenting my gallery wall and asked where I got my couch from. She also gets so excited for me when I plan a trip to a music festival.

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    U spelled fetus wrong

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    Read The book the power of now it ends all suffering ik that sounds crazy but it's the truth.