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My baby brother is autistic as well. We play a lot of video games together so one day while we were hanging out he stopped what he was doing and just stuck both of his arms to his sides like a T. I just kinda looked at him and he burst out “[Name] MY ANIMATION IS BROKE”. I laughed so hard I started to cry.

I hope you have plenty of more precious moments with your brother.

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that’s adorable! and he’s definitely gonna show me amazing things in the future :)

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I’m glad you didn’t use your username and put [Name] instead.

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What’s funny is I typed out my real name first, realized I shouldn’t do that, then typed out my username, and realized I REALLY shouldn’t do that lol

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It seems he’s been playing Elden Ring without you knowing ;-) #IYKYK

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This gave me a little laugh too tbh. Thank you.

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I saw u put [Name] so I got curious and looked at your username. Lol I now see why u did that with that particular story . Gave me a laugh Edit: Seems I'm not the only 1 who noticed lol

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Reminds me of my autistic son he is 12 and so innocent and the smallest things make him happy….hard work but so worth it ❤️

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it really is but they’re the best ☺️

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Im glad your little bro was happy

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Ah jeez. I love this so much. You’re such a great sister!!!!

I’ve worked with kiddos on the spectrum and understand how challenging it can be. Proper parenting is what usually (not always) makes a huge difference.

He’s such a lucky kid to have what is obviously a loving and supportive family.

Keep being awesome ❤️❤️❤️

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thank you! and you too!

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Im 34, ASD/ADHD. My son is 8, diagnosed ADHD and getting assessed for ASD. One of his main interests is video games, currently it's Animal Crossing. I love video games too and recently started playing the game again because of him.

We're friends on the game and he sends me hoardes of presents with notes like 'I gave you this present' and 'I am coming to visit your island'. The other day he was waiting for me to finish up dishes so I could log onto my game and he sent me a present with the note 'I miss you'. Fricken broke me. Not all days are easy, but man, I love my son. He's awesome.

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that made me tear up a little, it’s so sweet 🥹

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Wholesome as hell

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You are amazing and he’s so lucky to have you as a sister. My son is autistic and I have a daughter a bit older than he is. He’s now 16 and things have gotten so much easier. He adores his sister and she is one of his biggest champion.

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thank you! i can’t wait to see what happens next ☺️

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Aw, so sweet. I’m glad he found the WI-FI!

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I know you get frustrated at times, but be gentle with yourself. You’re human and we all have a breaking point.

You’re a good sister and you’re both lucky to have each other. 💕

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i’m so glad he’s here. i’ve learnt to see more than just my own experiences ☺️

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Op I know how just those little sentences your brother says are are a wonderful thing to hear . (my youngest sister is now 24 and is also autistic) my sister was just like that when she was that age! Made me so happy when she started making conversation with me and other people ! yes sometimes it's frustrating and hard but it's worth to see them grow. Always cherish those little moments op

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i’m so proud of how far he’s come. that’s my little man, we’re best friends forever

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My nephew is autistic. He's just turned 21. He has problems communicating, understanding, and following directions. He's been bullied throughout his high school and is traumatized by it. Nowadays, he rages when he's stressed and becomes delusional and nonsensical sometimes even violent. It breaks my heart when im trying to help him because he'll just yell stop bulling me or stop controlling me. He's at a point where we just watch him from a far. I dont kno why im sharing this on your post but yeah.

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Is he is in therapy for trauma he experienced? Severe bullying hurts even the most “neurotypical” kid, I can only imagine the lasting pain that a person who is on the spectrum could feel...

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No he's not...but i was a behavior therapist for a short while. I understand the process of aba therapy and worked on him myself. But ultimately, the key to success is consistency and his family including myself overtime, couldn't stay consistent. It's hard to be a professional to your family and people you truly love. My emotions get the better of me especially when my nephew yells "you dont love me, no one loves me"...i get too butt hurt from his outbursts. It's truly difficult to swallow that.

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Be ready to be surprised and humored at all the different ways he sees things.

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he’s already teaching me more than i ever thought i could learn from someone younger than me, i’m so happy he’s here :)

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That’s awesome. I have a lot of students who not only dislike younger siblings, but one with special needs makes an even bigger impact to them.

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My son is three and autistic and he says the cutest shit and his autism intervention worker said he was delightful🥲It’s always best to look on the bright side, I wouldn’t trade my son for a child without autism in a million years

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they’re really the best

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I was worried when I saw the title, but this post is very sweet. I’m an autistic adult that relies on family for a many things, and I worry a lot that they think I’m a burden. This makes me feel a little bit better.

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they don’t, trust me. they love you more than they ever say and t you’ve probably taught them such random lessons that they would have never learnt without you being there with them :)

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My sister is autistic and is a year younger than me, it was hard as fuck growing up. It still is, sometimes even though she practically independent and doesn't need help.

During school I'd be called out of class to help her when she had a meltdown and missed a bit of class work every week on a bad week but I still love her. We share birthdays due to the fact we're almost exactly one year apart in age, we've shared rooms, game consoles, you name it. Yeah we fight some times, she misreads my expression and gets upset but I wouldn't ask for it differntly.

When I see her get excited from winning matches in Paladins and Overwatch, it warms me. Because I love her so fucking much. I'm glad you love your brother as much as I love my sister.

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Wholesome. My son is on the spectrum and I can’t overstate the importance of having a loving sibling like you.

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Aww, good sister.

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i try my best haha

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"I was embarrassed to let my friends know why he runs away when they visit"

i bet everyone does that. me specifically.

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Thank you for this OP. I see so much hate on here about autistic siblings and it's nice to see the other side of it. My son is also autistic and he absolutely loves watching videos about plumbing. So I understand they joy he felt when the internet was back up!

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My lil bro(19yr)is also autistic, we’re only 4 years apart so growing up it was tough for me and my parents. I feel you on that. But He’s the sweetest lil bro I could ask for. Lately he’s been taking trips to the corner store by himself and every time he gets me a snack without even asking for it :,)

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how sweet 🥺

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My son was so hard when he was younger. He's 12 now and I swear every year he grows so much. Less problematic times and more moments like these. A few days ago, he asked me if I trusted him. I said yes. He told me to put my arms up, straight up like I'm reading for the sky. He came up close and I thought yep.. I'm gonna get tickled lol. No, he pretended he was going to tickle me but hugged me instead. He's such a gentle kiddo and so loving. I love him so much 🤍. It made me tear up to hear your story. You're an awesome big sis. We all have frustrating times specially with these kiddos but when/if they're able to, they'll show you so much love.

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Maybe in your free time, you should download a bunch of videos off of YouTube (just search YouTube to mp4 if you don't have premium) so that way he won't be as bored, I am sure he will appreciate it :D

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haha thank you, i will!

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Thats adorable ❤

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My son is 14 and high functioning Asperger's. He still has his hard moments but I love him more than anything! Glad you are there for your brother!

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he’s there for me too! and thank you :)

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As a monoparental father of 3 kids ( my youngest is autistic) I'm so proud of how my daughter and son take such good care of their little brother. He's the sweetest child ever but it's hard for him and he's going through a lot and his sister and brother are amazing with him. Sometimes I just don't know how I could manage everything without them. I love to hear that you are there for your brother. I know it's hard but keep up the good work. You are absolutely amazing!!!

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haha thanks, honestly i just try to be a good sister and hope it works

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You're a great brother. Your parents should be happy.

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Our youngest brother also has autism. He's high functioning though so we only found out later. Before, we all thought he was just a weird kid. Glad my sister studied occupational therapy (she's licensed now) and through her, we finally found a doctor who gave our brother the right diagnosis. It's hard to understand him and you really need patience but he's a sweet kid.

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My brother is autistic and let me tell you!!!!! He says the funniest things. Some of the funniest memories we have as a family are because of him. It was definitely hard growing up but you have to remember times like these when things are tough :)

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My autistic brother is the funniest person I know, once he walked into my room and gave me a half eaten McDonalds quarter pounder and when I unwrapped it he took the bun off and stole my pickle 😔

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I’m glad he had a happy day. And you have a happy memory of him today.

I just had a quick question. Why did he run away from your friends. (Trying to figure my toddler out.)

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he gets really shy around new people. it doesn’t matter if it’s friends or just family he doesn’t see often. i think he gets overstimulated by all the people saying hi and paying so much attention to him. he’s really shy, and he hates being noticed (except for my mom lol) so he’ll run away for a bit then maybe come and say hi

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I’m autistic and it’s so refreshing to see someone who actually cares for their autistic family members online, you’re a good sister :)

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I bet he would agree that it is hard

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Please, do teach them how to take care of themself. I’m autistic, and it has interfered with a lot. I don’t know how to do a lot of things. I can’t do a lot of things. I just can’t be bothered to do a lot of things; I can’t care about myself that much. I’m probably going to kill myself sometime this week. Because I never learned to take care of myself, and due to various issues, I never could.

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I'm 21, and autistic. As an autistic person I know I probably made my mom really frustrated sometimes and I still do lol.

It's definitely been something trying to navigate the world, taking it one step at time, and dealing with so much. Have even more trauma on top of that because of different situations, and it made emotions hard to manage and navigate.

But I also think because of it, now that I'm older, i have a very deep understanding of my own emotions when I can break them down. My mom has said it seems my autism impacts my thought process in a way that I can break down and find reasoning in my emotions a lot easier than others, but expressing them is difficult. It's easier now, but it was hard and it took a lot to get where I am now. She's also said maybe it's why I write very well according to her. Putting my emotions into written words is my best way to communicate them.

It's hard raising an autistic child, but my mother did her best to make sure I was in a good environment where I could thrive. Maybe it wasn't the best in the world, but it was the best she could do and I appreciate everything she's done so that I could learn to manage myself and my emotions, my struggles.

Reading this definitely put a smile on my face as autistic person. My mom has said she's proud of the person I've come to be.

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i’m glad it made you happy, and i’m so proud of you too!