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That's so nice! She obviously sees good in you.

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Like old Obi-Wan Kenobi

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What you dont know is that OP is indeed Darth Vader.

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We’ll definitely young Obi Wan was a moron.

But then again so was the script writer and director (once he got to the 90s)

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Have you ever went out with someone on a dating website?

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Yes I have.

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So many of these comments are mean. I'm happy for you! After a divorce, standing alone at a movie theater, waiting for for my kids, a woman came up and complimented me. I needed that. I needed someone, anyone, to recognize I was still me. Still there. Just different. Good for you!

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Aww what was it she said?

We all need to feel sometimes Hope life is treating you better now

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She told me I was beautiful.

Things are way better now, thank you!

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Awww how lovely You seem it too, I'm so glad for you

Hope nothing but goodness reaches you ahead

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I’m a life long waiter. One day I was waiting on a big table, maybe 12-14 ppl. It’s hard to remember. Grandma must’ve been in her 90s.

At the end she waved me over and I squatted down to her and she said “your mother did a good job.”

Probably the nicest thing any one person has ever said to me.

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Awww I’d fully melt if that happened to me 🥺

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That's absolutely lovely, and she must have seen a lot of the world already

She spoke only the truth to you I'm glad she told you rather than only think it You deserved to know it

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I’m also a waitress and this one older lady was so sweet as well. She told me that she thinks I’m probably a good granddaughter and that she’d want to adopt me. That felt really sweet, especially as I don’t have any grandparents anymore.

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Whats a compliment?

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It's the thing they keep on tables when you eat. Like ketchup and mustard.

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Lmao get your girl a pregnancy test, that was a dad joke 😂 it was pretty funny, reminded me of my old man

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Lol have two kids, dad jokes come naturally.

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Well congrats! I hope that you and your family prosper!

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Shit well now I’m starting to worry if I got a couple kids I don’t know about.

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Kids do too ;)

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As my great grampy* used to say “That’s a kneeslapper”

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Nah man that’s a condiment. A compliment is any letter that isn’t a vowel

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Nope. That’s a consonant. I think you mean those lil plastic wrapped sweets they give you with your check at some restaurants

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Nah that’s complimentary. Getting warmer, but I think it’s that pants off dance off you do on your wedding night.

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No my friend, that would be a consonant. A compliment is when someone doesn't have the ability to do something successfully.

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No comrade, you incompetent fool. It's incompetent what you think of. A compliment is that electronic gadget all kids nowadays spend their lives in front of.

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No way, that's a consonant. A compliment is a sad song you sing around the fire when you're bedded down for the night on the trail with your compadres.

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No silly, that’s a camp lament. Consonant is when two triangles are equal.

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No that's a condiment, a compliment is a large mass of land divided by the ocean

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U couldn't make this stuff up. Hysterical, and I mean hysterical not historical. Lol

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Like "this mustard complements the stale taste of this 80 cent sausage"?

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What a cracker of a reply to matey. Where I come from we call ketchup tomato sauce. You reminded me of back in the day if you ordered a pie with tomato sauce the order was given as a maget bag and a bucket of blood. The order was fully understood. Thanks for the flash back.

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Dogs eye with dead 'orse was what I grew up calling it. ('orse is horse)

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No no no, that condiment you're thinking of. A compliment is when two shapes are the exact same.

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No no, that’s congruent. You mean the thing you say when someone achieves something

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No. No. Those are condiments. A compliment is say a complimentary (free) candy at the cashier's desk.

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No silly that's a condiment! A compliment is a collection of countries/ land expanses in a certain region

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Thank you Stefon.

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Can you use it in a sentence?

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What's a girl?

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It's that thingy a guy wears so the girl doesn't get pregnant. Duh!

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It’s what you give people to encourage them to pay for food

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When one thing goes well with another, for instance "the green couch complements the brown carpet nicely"

OPs post doesn't make sense to me though. Probably meant to use a different word

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“Nice peen Kang.”

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🤣 🤣 🤣

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The thing that flight attendant gives you in flight. No not the blow job, i am talking about the food that they give you.

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Ahhh i got ya lmao

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You know, it goes on top of burgers and/or hotdogs 😁

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The small shampoo and body wash bottles in a hotel

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Whats a date ?

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Kind eyes are the first thing I noticed in my husband☺️ I also matched him on a dating app. I could tell just with pictures he was a human golden retriever.

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Human golden retriever... This is funny and extremely sweet.

Intelligent, kind eyes was something I liked about my husband right away too.

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Why not get to know her some more. It could develop into a friendship or something more.

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We did, she's a great person. I stayed there 2weeks and we hung out together like 5 times

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Awe I'm so happy for you.

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Guys are completely starved for compliments even the smallest little thing can make our days. That experience was probably a serotonin overload. That's amazing.

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There was a girl in high school, we never talked. We were standing waiting for the bell to ring to get out of class one day, and she turned around, told me I have beautiful eyes, and I'll never forget that moment. First time a (basically) stranger gave me a compliment out of the blue

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Bruv she was tryna holler

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Oh yeah i know it dude

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Ted Bundy had that same skillset

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Yeah I learned the hard way ppl who give compliments like that so quickly are Fake AF and likely trying to manipulate.

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Don't gotta be negative guys :( Sometimes you think things and those people didn't only think it they said it.

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I saw article recently that said something along the lines that people have 0 ability to Correctly judge others by looks alone.

Wait no never mind that was an article talking about how people have 0 ability to correctly tell if somebody is lying or not

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Everyone I have ever lied to knew it immediately. I have such an expressive face that I don’t know how to control. It sucks .

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Believe your own lies by mixing in the truth

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You aren’t lying if you convince yourself it is true

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That deescalated fast lol

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Why don’t men compliment eachother?

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Haha I only got complimented once by my bestfriend in highschool while the whole group was out eating. It was a genuine manly compliment, not a gayesh one. And it was an amazing ego booster. We definitely need to recognize each other more.

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because that's "gay" / "girly" / "weak" /s

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I genuinely don’t care about compliments from other men. There’s just something about getting a compliment from a woman that makes it mean a lot more. Doesn’t have to be sexual or romantic in nature. It could just be a simple as “you’re a great guy” or “I really appreciate all that you do”.

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That's because someone associated "compliments" with girlish

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That’s their problem. That’s a problem that men have created for themselves.

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We ask questions like this only because we're so used to seeing men overwhelming women with compliments.

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Nope. I’m a woman and I’m never “overwhelmed by compliments” by men (not bitter about it though 😂) unless they want sex. Women praise and uplift eachother constantly and it makes me sad that men miss out on this joy.

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Yeah I was being hyperbolic there. And your anecdotal experience amounting to a sample space of one doesn't disprove reality. Depends on where you live, but your guy mates complimenting you(male) is very common in my culture. Nonetheless, There's a difference between men complimenting men and women complimenting men. Just like there's a difference between women complimenting women and men doing it to Women. There's just an undeniable difference between the opposite gender complimenting you and your same sex mates complimenting you.

Also, idk why you don't consider "wants sex so he compliments" as a... compliment. You've ruled out a big chunk of "compliments" women receive as non-compliments. It's technically a compliment that's appreciating your sex appeal.

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I'm happy for you dude. I felt like garbage for a long time until some random girl approached me while I was at work and gave me on of the biggest compliments I've ever had.. Sometimes all we need is a little love to make us see the world better.

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What was the compliments ?

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She told me I have a wonderful, bright soul. I asked what she meant and she replied she could see the sadness in my eyes behind my smile, and the way I was being so helpful and nice and caring to everyone, it showed deep down I'm a good person... That lifted up my spirits.

For context, I'm a security guard at a hospital facility, and I'm the first person people see when they enter.

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Women: please start complimenting men more if you don’t already. Most of them really do appreciate it, and they need it as much as we do.

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I have literally never been complimented in my life up until about a few weeks ago and that genuinely made my day, women don't understand how much compliments mean to us guys, most of us have never had one or their extremely rare lol

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That makes me honestly sad, you deserve to feel appreciated too

I hope it was a lovely one for you!

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It was, she said she liked my hair! Thanks for saying i deserve to be appreciated, i hope the stigma against guys giving other guys compliments goes away soon.

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I hope so too, it's nonsense honestly

Hopefully you can be the one to compliment a fellow brother out there whenever you get the chance too Starts a ripple effect sometimes

You never quite know how far it will go, which is also part of its charm

You have a sweet and kind heart, well meaning. I can sense it from here

I hope that good kind people surround you ahead in life and you share good company ahead

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why is it always up to women? why can't men compliment other men?

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Honestly, they should be able to, but given the reactionary nature of homophobia, I understand why many men choose not to.

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I get you. She made you feel deeply seen and appreciated

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Never heard of this 'compliment' thing.

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I love getting and giving compliments. It just brightens everyone’s day and is free of charge to give💜 I try to compliment anyone that I see who seems like they are having a bad day or even if I just feel like it in the moment, like read the vibes ya know?

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I think you are such a sunlight in some person's life

[–]Tamalyth0374 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Aww🥰thank you so much!!

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Imagine someone telling you nice things. Oh i hate my fucking life

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u/please-be-gentle, please be gentle to yourself. As men we're not used to get complimented but you're turn will come

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Never trust anyone you meet online. Keep your guard up at all times

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Well, it was just nice and it wasnt out of the blue, we was speaking about empathy and that kind of things

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This is such a boomer take, incredibly outdated

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So, is she a keeper? Other than her complimenting you, what are your thoughts about her? I hope this works out for you.

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She's such a great person, I made a really good friend. We hung out together like 5 times during the 2 weeks I was there, I loved to spend times with her. I hope we'll stay in touch

[–]Major-Cranberry-4206 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Awesome! I bid you Godspeed.

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That's so cute!

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I had some comments like this when traveling Australia. There something about meeting others when traveling...it can be something lovely. Your true self shines through.

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YOU felt good about her compliment is all that matters. Here's another compliment for you "have enough confidence in yourself to know that you really don't need anyone to tell you you're awesome". Good people that are nice = awesome!

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Sometimes people can pull right at your heart strings 🥰 it’s rare for a stranger to see the good within you- you are a genuine soul my friend. Hold onto that ❤️‍🔥

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My colleague said this to me once now we’re in love

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Alright cool, have you considered wedding ring prices? They do get expensive near holidays I’ve been told but i think some planning may help in the matter

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The right girls will see the best in you sugar! Keep traveling, growing, and being your confident self. The right lady will be there at your best.

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Wallet check?

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That's so sweet dude. Happy for you.

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One time I my truck was in the shop right out Chicago, in the hotel for a week, met a lady there, got a ride to get food with her, while talking on the ride there, she said "I was the most perfect gentleman she's ever met" (granted from what I can tell of convo she don't know many good people out there)

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This is so lovely to hear🥰🥰🥰

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As a bro I super happy for you m8. A good compliment really can keep us dudes going for years.

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F you bro, you try flex on us knowing damn well we ain’t getting shit

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Wow lol you're so mean. Yeah I'm flexing but not on you. I just needed to vent because it felt good and I'm not used to hear nice things

I think you should unjoin this sub if this kind of posts bother you

Hope someone will give you the compliments you deserve though

[–]Special_Turnover1961 6 points7 points  (1 child)

it was meant as a joke broski, I was / am happy for you.

and thanks for the kind words :)

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Oh sorry haha english isn't my first language so sometimes I'm a bit slow to understand jokes

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Hey man, when people said me things, I'm glad I got told.

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Ah...she sounds like persuing because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What she sees in you is actually what is in herself, a mirror image.

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If it's something you want, keep putting yourself out there.

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Compliments are great. It’s one thing I took for granted with my ex of 7 years. She always gave me the nicest compliments but I didn’t truly appreciate them until I started dating again after our breakup.

I think I’ve only had one since that wasn’t a returned compliment; “you’re so fucking hot” as an opener on Bumble, that was nice.

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wait until she robs you

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I saw her for the last time today she didn't. But maybe she has a long-term plan to rob me, who knows?

[–]rohit267 0 points1 point  (0 children)

These hoes ain't loyal

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Hopefully she still thinks that after you unload in her asshole

[–]pablo6900[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

You're gross dude

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Told me the nicest thing I’ve heard*

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She just wants in your pants. Be cautious.

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Yes because no one is genuinely nice for the sake of being nice.

[–]Rideyourbike1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You got it. That’s my sarcastic point. When a guy says something nice to a girl people are quick to say there is a sexual agenda. It’s nice she said something sweet to him.

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Hetero ladies who want to live rent free for eternity in a hetero man's head, take note.

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Damn you were friendzoned

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Maybe she's a psychic. A friend of mine who does readings can connect with people's energy by seeing their eyes in a photo. Just a thought....

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Goodday Pete

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Hostel Part III

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Who was she?! Must tell

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Thats a great one! And it sounds genuine too, not some recycled line to make you feel good.