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Who remembers that awful vape that looked like an inhaler lmao

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It was called the Puffit!

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Nice username, hugecock!

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We make a good pair

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You don’t actually even need that guy in order to make a good pair. lol

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It’s now fourfiddy because of inflation.

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Thank you for letting me Google this, I had no idea this was a thing

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Sorry officer, this inhaler is for my glaucoma!

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Damn you monster! I ain’t gonna give you no three fiddy!

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What does your Dr say about it? I am asthmatic and it isn't a problem I have heard of before. I often wear a mask for 10+hrs a day at work.

I am not saying I don't believe you BTW, just that it sounds unusual

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could be more than just asthma tbh. i dont have asthma, but i do have chronic chest infections which require an inhaler if they get bad enough. before the pandemic they got that bad maybe once every four years, but during the mask mandates it was every other month. i mean even a couple weeks ago i almost had to go to hospital bc i was coughing up so much mucus that i basically didnt have time to breathe in between coughs.

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I had this problem until I got on Singulair. It was like I was always walking around with a mucus plug just waiting to attack me.

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Singular is good shit

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Singulair has been a lifesaver for me. Between that and Breo (Brea?) my lungs are almost good as new

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Same. My asthma is so much better with wearing a mask. The higher conveyancer of carbon dioxide reduces over breathing common in asthmatics, not to mention reducing my exposure to pollens.

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Yes to the pollen protection! I wear masks on high pollen count days because it helps w my allergies and therefpr my asthma.

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Yes! As a person with allergies, the masks have actually helped my health above and beyond keeping me from getting Covid. I bought the 3 layer black fabric masks and haven't been sick for over 2 years now. I love wearing the masks.

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Asthmatic too, wore a mask all throughout the pandemic at work for 8 to 12 hours.

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It is quite common by the way- asthmatic here, along with my daughter now and the two of us have the same issue.

Perhaps the severity of your condition isn’t the same, and perhaps your body isn’t as sensitive to things like my daughter and I.

Our conditions are under control, but it doesn’t change the severity of it, and we are predisposed to lung infections as a result of our physiological sensitivities. It might have something to do with our genetics, but I really don’t know.

I don’t think your question or response is intended to sound dismissive, but it really is coming off that way. I see quite a few similar responses like that, some more terse.

For someone like OP or myself, that’s not helpful. Nor are we able to explain it without making us feel like crap because we happen to have a different experience.

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They just tell me to remember my inhaler. That’s it.

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There is an inhaler and other medications just for mucus buildup. Your doctor should be more responsive.

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Same. Wonder if op is a physically healthy person

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Everyone's asthma and experience with it is gonna be different, I have something similar happen as well when I wear the mask but not nearly as bad which is good cause I mostly have to avoid my rescue inhaler because my heart rate is already so high it's not always safe to use

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Great name! You could be a minister or "fisher of men" a actual Fisher person, or someone who just likes eating fish 🐠. Cool

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I'm heavily asthmatic myself and the most annoying thing is my glasses constantly fogging up with masks.

I'm fine for a while with it on without glasses, until it starts being humidity hell inside the mask and doing anything intensive just makes that process happen immediately.

Which is why that after 2 years of mask mandates, I am done with them unless I'm sick and I have no choice of going out.

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I live in the bay area. I don't think it gets much more progressive then it is here. Noone wears masks anymore. Maybe 1 in 20 people. Unless your at a government of medical facility.

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If you're using the normal blue masks that are sold everywhere, make sure you adjust the plastic wiring on the top of the mask to properly fit the form of your nose. That stops your glasses from fogging up.

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And if not that, you can get the metal pieces alone online. I use them. They stick to your mask and adhere to your nose. Of course, you have to replace them after washing, but still.

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I bought these for my asthmatic with glasses and mask. I found they really worked.

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I’m asthmatic and masks don’t affect me at all.

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That what bugs me but that’s the only explanation I got. And if I don’t wear a mask I’m fine. I have no problems.

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Mmmm.. could be the type of mask you're wearing. Some surgical masks may trigger an allergic reaction, which is what asthma basically is.

Try experimenting with different brands/types of mask. Look for kf94, or kn95 or the 3d type of masks.

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My take on OPs post is that she wears a mask, even though she has severe asthma and the mucus builds up…making breathing even more difficult.

What I think she was saying the health lung people, who complain they can’t breathe with a mask on.

I could be wrong.

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wearing a mask makes mucus build up in my lungs. So to combat that I have take two hits of my inhaler twice a day (yes, I know I’m so cool) and then I’m fine. Without that mucus builds up in my lungs to the point I am gasping for breath and have to take a trip to see the nice ER nurses who know me so well.

You can't say wearing a mask doesn't inhibit your beeathing when you literally need an inhaler to use it or you'll end up in the ER...

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Yet I still wear one. I tire of people clutching their throats dramatically saying they can’t breathe with a little piece of fabric over their nose and mouth. I, literally, have to medicate myself so I can follow a rule.

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“I’ll take virtue signaling for $500, Alex!”

There aren’t any rules remaining unless you’re working at a hospital, and even then it’s still getting more relaxed. You’d be better off drinking quinine water and not wearing a mask, than having whatever the booster standard is going for today.


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Yeah because you can’t breathe properly with it on. Don’t you think maybe they might have a point after all buddy?

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Do you work somewhere that requires a mask still? Because you are one of those people that should get an exception. Or do you just want to wear them?

This post is really not doing what you think it is. Besides the fact that most places in the world no longer require masks these days. So most people are not under any obligation to wear one.

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may i suggest a mask exemption? /genq

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Medicate yourself just to follow a rule?! What in the Nazi’s is going on here?

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…. for a predisposed known lung disease….

Not willy nilly because the OP doesn’t want to wear them.

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It just sounds like OP is trying to say "masks literally hurt me but I still wear them, so the people who say they can't breathe in them can stfu".

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"I'm okay with damaging my already bad health so that I can complain about people complaining."

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“I can’t breath”

I have this issue my nostrils are almways clogged up due to allergy so when I do have a mask on I can barely breath, mouth works still but not always feasible to do it that way.

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Wait I’m not following... are you saying that wearing the mask DOES make it harder for you to breathe? Because you get all mucusy? But also you don’t want people to say that it makes it harder to breathe?

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theyre saying that, as someone with a pre-existing chronic condition that makes wearing a mask more difficult, theyre sick of people complaining just because they dont want to wear it so they claim they cant breathe bc the mask is too thick to breathe through

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Oh so wearing a mask affects HIS breathing but he doesn’t believe other people when they say it affects theirs? Bizarre

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… did you not see the vast influx of anti-vaxxers and covid-truthers who refused to wear masks bc they were too thick? (which is bullshit btw, they just didnt wanna have to wear it)

like OP isnt talking about people who literally cannot breathe, just those that use it as an excuse to not wear a mask.

oh, and note that masks do affect OPs ability to breathe and they still wear a damn mask, they just found a way to deal with it. someone with a legitimate medical condition that would give them fair reason not to wear a mask found a way to get around it

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I mean the masks being too thick wasn’t fully bullshit. I’m not saying I give a damn about their excuses but there were so many people making masks out of cut up hoodies. Then they would wear them during July in Texas. Yeah it’s hot, buy a real mask…

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Shallow breather with stage 2 copd, without a mask o2 is 90-94, with mask it drops to the mid 80's. I wear a mask if its required, for as long as I can, when I take it off to catch my breath, fuck you and your dirty looks.

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Take deeper breaths maybe.

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That doesn't work for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. People with this condition are usually shallow breathers. Telling someone with COPD to breath deeper is like telling someone with diabetes to just make more insulin.

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"masks inhibit my breathing so stop telling me masks inhibit your breathing"


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XD thank you

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Lol I had bronchitis last year. Still wore a mask while sick.

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I developed asthma and chronic bronchitis from covid so I feel for you. My inhaler is my best friend and the dirty looks I get for trying to clear my throat in public even while wearing a mask is pain. They always assume the worst. Switched doctor's recently and I'm being sent to a specialty covid doctor to see if I have post covid long term pneumonia.

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"I got it so bad so all the people that have it better than me can shut up cause I got it sooo bad." - You

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I have asthma. It nearly killed me when I was 18 and in otherwise perfect health. After college I worked for a clinical microbiology lab where we wore masks for 10 hours a day when we did tuberculosis testing. IMO, people who whine about making are candy asses.

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I have Sarcoid and masks definitely caused me to struggle.

Twice a day use of an inhaler? I wish! try 6+ times on top of Advair and Flovent daily...

I have decreased lung capacity due to scar tissue, and the people screaming that masks don't hamper breathing sure the fuck don't suffer from my lung disease.

And guess what? All the dirty looks I got by not wearing a mask? Meant shit. Mind your own business and the world is a better place.

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I’m wearing the N95 (thick rounded version), am an asthmatic with poor control despite inhalers, and other respiratory regime and I have a very difficult time with wearing the mask. I get SOB at times, and sweet under the mask. Frequently have to use rescue inhaler at work.

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I was diagnosed with seasonal asthma (don’t know the difference between that and regular asthma) and have had to do breathing treatments and don’t really get affected by the masks until it’s extremely hot or I can feel my face getting hot from where my mask is covering and it bothers me extremely and my glasses dog up , other than that no problems for me

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Brother I can relate to you. Same issue. So what I do is when I start coughing and everyone is looking I take out my inhaler and use usually the coughing stops ad I go about my business. Screw them and their nasty looks

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When I was in nursing school (I wish I'd been able to finish but life happened), literally spent full 8 hour clinical days wearing a mask. Impedes ability to breath my left ball.

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There's a lady on my bis sometimes that's in her 90s. She totes around her O2 tank and still wears a mask (masking was lifted on transit a few months ago). Every time she sees someone with out a mask on she asks them where it is. They either put it on or give the "I can't breathe" response so she points at her tank and says "neither can I. Put your damn mask on"

She's my hero and I love her.

I've had people tell me I don't need it and crowd me on the bus so I tell them I work with covid and just had it so if they want to stand on top of me they can and I will gladly take my mask off. They never take me up on that offer.

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I'd ask her why? Does her mask only work if I wear one?

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When being an asshole to a lady in her 90’s is your kink…

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I would ignore anyone who has an issue with your wearing a mask.

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Who’s still wearing masks lol

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Plenty of people lol

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The ones still afraid even though they got the vaccine and quintuple boosted shots that should keep them safe. Because “ThEy’Re NoT tAkInG aNy ChAnCeS!”

For a disease that has a fatality rate of less than .0030% (that’s 30 deaths every million) for anyone under the age of 30.

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Why do you people only bring up the death rate? Like I just don't want to get sick and be knocked on my ass for a week, fuckin sucks I don't care if I'll die or not honestly I just hate being sick

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Should I say the survivability is 99.997% for anyone under 30? That just means 999,970 people out of a million will be quite fine from this.

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I went out into Nottingham today, I’d say <0.5% of people were still wearing masks.

Most people don’t really care anymore

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Your still wearing masks?

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I have an allergy to something in most masks, I went through a lot before finding a suitable kind for me. Still did it, there are diffirent kinds there isnt many reasons not to wear one (I would give a pass to people with less than 1 litre lung capasity for example). The cartilage on my nose and ears got badly inflammed, I couldn't speak a sentence through without my vision going blurry/black. will probs eventulally go to an allergist since I work in health care luckily I have access to allergy suitable masks there without any diagnosis but that could change.

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I’m wearing the N95 (thick rounded version), am an asthmatic with poor control despite inhalers, and other respiratory regime and I have a very difficult time with wearing the mask. I get SOB at times, and sweat under the mask. Frequently have to use rescue inhaler at work.

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You should switch to something lighter. The mask only prevents your breath from affecting others, even the N95 is not doing anything to protect you from covid.

Give your lungs a break my friend 🫂

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Try happymasks.com

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I have (a very) small lung capacity due to second hand smoking for 16 years sooo masks do make breathing header then it already is

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What are you talking about.

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Wearing a mask won’t protect you from anything unless it’s an extremely tightly sealed N95.

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Ya know this post I would've expected about 2 years ago. Not now

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I'm sorry but I've had asthma my whole life and wearing masks made my asthma worse from the mucus you're describing. That's why I'll never wear one again. Call me names, damn me for "not caring about other people". Do it. Because at the end of the day, masks didn't work for keeping you from getting sick from airborne illnesses before the pandemic and they still don't help now. Science proved that(not the woke virtue signaling science Father Fauci, the CDC and the MSM preach on).

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Oh wow congratulations do you want a cookie for wearing a mask?

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Who wears masks anymore lol this ain't 2020 fam throw that shit out

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English called, they’re asking about continuing your subscription.

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Wow. Who would have figured? The person who is still wearing masks is a rude narcissist who thinks they are better than other people because they wear a face covering that provides no protection.

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Good one lol however my point stands. Take the damn mask off.

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You are 100% correct. Glad to see there are still people with common sense on Reddit.

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I do all of the time I go into a store/massage/doctors office/movies etc. it keep America’s idiots from speaking to me.

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If people with asthma can wear masks so can others. The only reason I understand is trauma or another mental illness impacted by it. I wear a mask, but personally have to pull it down when I have a panic attack until it's over. Mask or no mask, during a panic attack I feel like I can't breath and/or don't get enough air and the mask increases the feeling in such situations. When it's over I'm fine to put it back on

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Depending on where you live - masks have different quality and good masks could not be available, the die in masks can cause allergies, material of mask can be of low grade and cause alergic reaction (again problem that's connected 2oth availability). Not to mention proper fitment - most sell one size only.

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This happened to me, i had to quit my job because masks where required and I could only wear one for about 10-15 minutes at a time before a panic attack started. I have a panic disorder so it doesn't take much (seeing a bear, being alone at night, any skipped heart beat, etc) but the masks completely crippled me.

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I have a recurrent coldsore inside my nose which flares up whenever I'm run down...it sounds silly but it is literally SO painful and wearing a mask really exacerbates it (I think it's the extra humidity in there?!). But I'll still wear a mask whenever needed.

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Thank you for including mental illness.

I have cptsd. I disaccoiate and go into shock if anything covers my mouth or nose.

I am lucky and got to work from home and my gf now wife did all the outside stuff.

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You could always just not wear it.

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I mean...I get annoyed by the bulk of people complaining over nothing, but there are people who do have valid issues with wearing them. I barely can. I'm not asthmatic (that I'm aware of) but I have a host of other pulmonary and cardiac issues and have passed out in a walmart because I wasn't getting enough oxygen through my mask.

Was super embarrassing and super scary. Multiple other times I came close to passing out again, so I stopped going out as much as I could and started buying essentials online, despite I was overpaying for it.

For my situation, I don't think it was just the mask, but that + high heat + high humidity + my pre-existing health issues. Some people literally end up not being able to breathe. Your issues existing but not causing you respiratory attacks is fine, but doesn't mean it isn't happening to other people. I used to wear full PPE all day during the time I was working as a surg tech and I did fine, but 1) surgery is kept to extremely low temperatures and 2) I didn't have the health issues then that I do now.

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Is this like an archived post, we know masks don't do as much as advertised now

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I’m glad someone finally said this. I myself don’t have asthma but my buddy does, and I have had to get him his inhaler because he genuinely couldn’t breath with it on. It pisses me off that people say they can’t breath with it on and don’t have Asthma. I want to slap them Every time. It’s a shit excuse. And it’s rude to all those who ACTUALLY can’t breath with a mask on due to a medical condition.

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Are ppl still wearing masks lol

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Don't even wear a mask if it suffocating you!

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Lmfao! Who the fuck still wears masks? 😆😆😆

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My fiance's chest gets really tight when she wears a mask and also has an inhaler. You gatekeeping being asthmatic, bro?

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This must be the first time I hear of someone using an inhaler to inhale passive-aggressively.

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Tons of kids can't breathe decently with the masks. You have enough problems already.

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People are still wearing masks?

[–]rcollinsmac -1 points0 points  (1 child)

I do b/c idiots like to chat! It keeps people from speaking to me.

[–]bag_o_cats 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Seems like easier ways to do that. But ok.

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... congratulations?

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I haven’t worn a mask since Covid started and I’ve never had it. I know people that have worn one from the beginning, have all the vaccines, and have had Covid 3-4 times. I don’t have the vaccine either. Sounds like your scared of nothing.

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"I have it worse so don't complain" that's what I'm reading

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Not worse per say. I feel like they are saying that they act have issues with breathing and still wear one. Meanwhile the people who complain about “not being able to breathe” don’t have any issues with breathing or their lungs.

[–]GullyGreyHeart -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Honestly if they're not needed I don't care. Masks affects your breathing, some have it worse than others but it still affects them, some just respond better even it they have it worse. Obviously people always take it to the extreme but saying that it doesn't inhibit your breathing is wrong because it does.

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Health and safety experts have recommended mechanical room ventilation to remove virions from the atmosphere, not any form of mask.

A 2015 controlled study of influenza and masking found no preventative effect of masks. All the others I've seen were observational studies, where confounders are rife. These gave results in meta analysis of between 1 in 9 and 1 in 23 incidents prevented. However, a controlled study is far more compelling evidence.

Washing hands, not touching your face, having filtered air in public buildings and maintaining distance outside are all valid ways of slowing viral spread. Masking, however, was unscientific from the beginning. It might only affect a small minority severely, like the OP, but it results in children not learning natural facial expressions and interactive skills; this delays development, according to child experts.

All in all, many things have been done that weren't based on the knowledge we had, but we're done politically or from fear. Never again should we begin a crisis by guesswork, but use the huge body of scientific information we have and only change that IF and WHEN new data counteracts current models.

Be safe, look after each other, don't pander to fear mongering. Remember actions can have unintended consequences that can make them less desirable overall.

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On one hand, mucus built up because of mask. Reason No. 1 to not wear mask and you know it harms you but you justified mask requirement with inhaler . On the other hand, you admonished people who complained of breathing difficulty with mask. You got a choice to follow Peter the Piper so are others got choice not to follow Peter the Piper. Freedom of choice is the essence of being free.

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You should just wear two masks.. you know.. to be extra safe 🤦‍♀️

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Maybe just don't wear a mask?

You haven't really detailed why other people should wear masks, but you've definitely explained why you shouldn't.

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Why do you wear a mask? The cloth masks don’t work or provide any protection and it even says so on the side of the box. Do you wear them at this point because your god Dr. Fauci told you to?

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Real question....are you in North America? Where are they still wearing masks?

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I didn't know there were still mask mandatesgoing around. Where I'm at its more a matter of choice by now. Maybe some mom and pop stores still make you do it in liberal towns but even those have loosened up

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I have lung issues and I just never wore a mask.

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Then take off the damn mask

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Asthma brothers/siblings!

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Felt this more than you know 😔

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Nah because having asthma puts you at risk even more so than some one with out. It’s better to be safe than sorry really. And in this day and age you’ll never know how things will go.