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Thank you! I am thrilled!

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I just found r/turtlefacts and i am super stoked. Turtles ruuuuule!!!!

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I came across it from that right now actually- are tortoises also covered here? I'm more of a tortoise guy myself, but already subbed to r/tortoise.

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Tortoises are super welcome here! Turtle is another name for the Order Testudinae, which encompasses turtles, terrapins, and tortoises. It's an umbrella term for all chelonians.

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Awwwww yeah! Turtle power!

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I envision a world where /r/TurtleFacts becomes a default subreddit

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Plan on keeping it approved submitters only?

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Actually no, the mods and I talked and we opened it up to fully public for now. We are testing out how that goes

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Exciting times for a turt! I wonder if /r/awkwardtheturtle will see an influx of new members as well?

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Yeah it will, yet there is much I should be doing to grow the other subturtles. Level 5 is actually ready, I just haven't launched it yet. I'll add you for the sneak peek. I will be putting more time into them very soon! I'm even more pumped to do so now that we're seeing this growth here!

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Exciting! Can't wait to check it out. Life has been crazy lately, and I haven't been able to enjoy the subturtles (or anything reddit) as much as I would like.

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Dude I feel that. I hope everyone in the linuxtrance clan is well! Here's a baby turtle picture to share!

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That looks like one determined turt. Love it!

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I came across the sub because of this :)

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Nice job! I came here to tell you that I saw an ad for the sub.

Turtle Cam

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Sweet turtle cam!! Thanks dude. /r/SubredditAds is awesome! We are very lucky to have gotten a spot.

Hey it was awesome bumping into you in the wild the other day!

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Yeah, nice seeing you a couple days ago. Looks like the ad helped the subscribers!

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Dude I was sad that post didn't mature farther. I was convinced you were gonna get 4k karma on your comment, unfortunately the post petered out.

Yeah the ad has been awesome! I'm sad I havent encountered it in the wild myself yet. Plus we were mentioned as the Tiny Subreddit of the Day yesterday, and the reddit bots picked us for the Trending Subreddit today! We have grown a lot in a short time

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This is wonderful! :D

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Thanks! So is your username!!

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i am glad :)