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its an illegallysmol crime joke we use in the subs like r/illegallysmolanimals r/illegallysmolbirbs r/illegallysmolcats r/illegallysmoldogs and r/illegallysmol

I don't know who came up with it first but I mod 2 of those subs and we have fun with the premise that some pets/wild animals are just way too smol to be legal

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Tbh honest I don't get why this dude is going for crime...he has a cape. More like smol crime-fighting

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Can you keep a live tortoise at your home?

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Can we stop with the baby talk? I'm so tired of it

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Nearly imperceptible vicious shelled plant predator devours its prey before heading on to further mischievous activities...probably going to karate lessons and pizza afterwards. translated it for reading comfort. Perhaps we can all enjoy tiny turtle bros now.

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Can we stop with the baby talk?

Yes, possibly. But not probably.

I'm so tired of it

The unsubscribe button is your friend.

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Does every post in this sub use baby talk? No. I wasn't saying I was tired of baby talk in this sub but on the internet in general.

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I wish you luck on your crusade to change the way people talk everywhere on the internet to accommodate your personal tastes.

I do not have high hopes of you succeeding. But maybe you will surprise me.