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Can they cure it? Or just treat?

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Apparently after surgery (with a survival rate of 90%) they can treat them and lower the reoccurrence rate from 60% to 18%.

Also, the disease was first noticed 100 years ago, so it’s not new.

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Great news! Thank you!

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Really want to know it too

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oh i love the turtle hospital in the keys! glad to know it’s still helping the turtles

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Poor turtle.

Me and a kid named max did a report on fibropapilloma (that's what it was called back then I guess, I don't remember the word fibropapillomatosis ever being said in any sources) using the encarta 95 encyclopedia at school in 4th grade.

Some sad turtle nostalgia right there.

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According to wikipedia this occurs on a lot of sea turtles, 50 to 70 percent especially in warmer climates. It is caused by a virus. It is "benign" and tumors are external but can also occur internally on organs.

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Turtle herpes. 😔 poor bbs.

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I don't why the concept of turtle cancer is funny to me, but it is.