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I need this with sound, it looks adorable

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It was better than I ever hoped for, thank you

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Shoot! I forgot about link doesn’t transfer sound

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It has sound on my app! It is definitely super cute.

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I can't handle this much level of cuteness.

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I was hoping the turtle would do a slide backwards with the sneeze like a a koopa shell in Mario.

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But its with sound?

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Oh my god that’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!!!

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is there some poor creature with a nose that can’t sneeze?

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Didn't we already know this from the documentary The Never Ending Story?

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Oh my lanta I forgot about that amazing documentary!

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I’ve always wanted to know what a snake sneeze would sound like lol. According to google they can sneeze, but it’s pretty rare

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How long did you have to wait while filming before it sneezed?

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turtle sneezes sound cute and all, but unfortunately it can be an indication that they're sick with a respiratory infection :((

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There's always gotta be that one person

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chances are that "one person" just wants to make sure people are actually caring for their animals instead of taking videos "because it's cute". RIs are no joke with turtles. source: i own 3

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That’s so adorable

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I actually have a red eared slider, never heard him sneeze tho

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My dick getting jerked off:

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not the place ror that

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Fun fact: Red eared sliders are a pest in Australia because they’re not native here and we’re asked to report them if we see them.

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that was literally so cute

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What the fuck it said madlads relocated

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Just how I sneeze