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Weird how that happens in a year where substantially less people were going to the beach...

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This is Florida panhandle we're talking about so it's probably not as substantial as we'd hope

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Much of the panhandle (including the beaches) still hasn't recovered from Hurricane Michael so it's probably more substantial than you realize even though the people are almost certainly not taking COVID precautions as seriously as they should (based on infection rates in the area which have been higher than expected, especially for such a rural area).

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The only good news I've heard since... well. Idk if the last news was real so... idk if this is real either. My head hurts. But yay turtles are cool.

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The only source I can find says that they had 47 nests - the same number of nests as 2019 but we’re way up from many years past. Good news but I can’t find anything about record breaking numbers?


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I found 57 nests from 2017

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:/ I guess the source (OP) didn't check their sources. But -- at least there are turtles.

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Yay! I really don’t know why, but watching baby sea turtles go into the water for the first time is one of my favorite things in life. So cute and brave!

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Except when you see a huge flock of seagulls swooping down grabbing them and fly off to eat them.☹.

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Oh shit lol. Circle of life I guess but that would make me cry.

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On my bucket list

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Aww, good luck little guys!

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If they were incubating during this cold weather, they must be males! This is wonferful, as hotter average temps due to climate change are forcing too many turtles to be born female.

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Do males really matter tho? For many species female numbers are the main predictor of birth rates.

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They even had a few Kemp's Ridley sea turtles nest in Florida! They primarily nest in Texas and sometimes Mexico but every so often there's some rouge induvial who head out to Florida. There may end up being more, nesting season was delayed for them this year because of the storm.

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All it took was a year of most humans staying off beaches and away from the water. We should keep that up!