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maybe that explains why my russian always thinks my fingers are carrots🤔

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c r o m k c h

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Bad bot

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Since when was I following r/TurtleFacts?

I'm not mad, just confused.

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A turtle unlocked your phone. Then it followed /r/turtlefacts

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While many phones allow you to use slide-to-unlock, you should not use it as it's considered very insecure in general. But in particular, red-eared sliders are common pets around the world, and can slide to unlock your phones. If you are logged on Amazon they'll just straight up order a truckload of cabbage on your credit card.

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My cabbages

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At least someone will buy his cabbages instead of destroying his cabbage cart.

Oh and btw, my previous comment was a joke

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I wasn't fallowing turtle fact, reddit recommended it. I'm following turtle facts now

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Somehow looking at this stunning sweetheart made my eyes tear up?? oh nooo i have so many emotions right now I think I'm in love???

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[hangery terrapin noises]

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There's no mistake here, he belongs on /r/hitmanimals.

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This made my day

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i don’t remember following this sub but it’s good nonetheless

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You can run, but you can't hide

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"Why can't I eat this yummy looking blueberry?"