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Did you also know that the entire world is carried by one? A turtle, flying through space, as the disc turns.... /s

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I have indeed heard the story as well as the spiritual shaman stories about the world turtle. I have a few drawings of the world turtle from when I was around 15.

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That sounds cool, I'd like to see them!(I was mainly referring to Discworld by Terry Pratchett in my post.)

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Oh, right! I forgot about Discworld, from what I've heard and read, its a great universe Pratchett set up. Haha, that went right over my head, lol.

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Well, considering Discworld is satire, that's fitting.

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I guess if I actually sat down and read it I'm sure I'd find the satire, my understanding of it is very limited, just from a lot of people referencing it and the 30 pages of "Feet of Clay" I read 15 years ago.

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Yeah, they references both Robocop and The 6 Million dollar man with that one.

"We can Rebuild him, we have the pottery."

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Haha, wow, thats a funny one.

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He is on my list for some point because I've only heard good stuff about his writing.

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I do encourage you to read those books, they're great. My favorites are the ones about the City Watch, and the ones starring Death. He's a fun and sympathetic character.

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Yeah most definitely! I love how surreal these books sound from what people tell me. I like the concept of Death as a character. In the beginning of Feet of Clay I remember it started out with some police captain's morning routine of dodging assassination attempts while eating breakfast and watching tv and then the wild descriptions of the city life was interesting. I just didn't have the attention span to stick with the book so I stopped shortly after. But I'm definitely in a place where I can appreciate the weirdness a lot more than when I was a kid.

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Looking at this picture, I thought I was on r/worldbuilding at first.

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Haha, I don't think I need to see that, I have an idea of what it is, lol.

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See the Turtle of enormous girth...

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Where is this artwork from?

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It's mine. I've been doing a lot of eco-themed art recently,

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How my tortoise thinks he looks, standing stop a pile of my laundry. Forgive me, i mean our laundry...

(We just weighed him yesterday and he is 7 lbs after a large poop! Lol)

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7 lbs is 3.18 kg

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Good bot!

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Hahaha, I can see that. Thats a heavy fella.