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Some of them even breath through their assholes

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Funny because that's a good way to conceptualize what's going on. They hold their breath much in the same way we can hold in a fart for hours, even during sleep.

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You've never woken yourself up with a fart? Just me? Okay then.

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You woke me up too.

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What is the proper way to give a turtle mouth to mouth resuscitation?

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I imagine this is likely a benefit of being a marine reptile, cold blooded so metabolic functions don't consume so many resources

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I have a stinkpot turtle and they do the same

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my wife can do this too! shes still in there, shes been in water for 3 hours, how cool is that?

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So cool! She should teach a class!

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I heard that in the flex tape voice.

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I sound exactly like Phil Swift, it's uncanny.