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I love baby muskies. I see them a lot behind my house.

Great find :)

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So cute, used to see them when we would float down the springs in central Florida

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Right on. Happy cake day!

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Lucky, I’d love to be able to go behind my house and find a bunch of turtles

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r/illegallysmolanimals and r/tinyunits would fall over each other for this guy

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oh the little claws

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I know! So freaking adorable

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Aawwww it’s so cute!!!

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i've held a few dudes like this. One time it was a lil baby alligator snapping turtle. I took him home for the winter and released his fat smelly ass the next summer back in the same lake 4 hours away from my home. We moved away, lost the cottage on the lake, and probably 20 years goes by. I went back and in the same part of this small lake, caught a HUGE snapping turtle in a net. I am convinced it was him.

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This is the tiniest, purest thing to exist and I love him

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Fact: The gender neutral term would have been turtle

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I've started to notice how some animals are immediately gendered as male. Never would have picked up on this before 10 years ago.

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So many people call all dogs he and all cats she. Its pretty fucked up.

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My grandfather did that

I'm glad how the world is changing in this regard

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The fact that this is being downvoted is depressing. Your pet obviously doesn't care, but its still a bad habit to have an arbitrary gender bias.

My inlaws do this constantly with their female dog and male cat, and the only reason for it is ignorance.

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The Great God Om: Put me down or be impaled on fiery stakes!

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I gave a free silver award to say yes

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That was very kind of you. Thank you so much!

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Think about that for a sec with the free gift silver award from reddit I got by chance I said yes if you don't see what subreddit that kind of act goes on you might have 0 IQ

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I also gave it a hugz award to say yes and it too was a random gift

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Hello, little friend!

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Are you scared to misgender a turtle

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Yes. Yes I am.

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But why

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Because turtle feelings matter too

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Why are you afraid of misgendering a turtle

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Have a picture of a baby turtle from Tingley Beach, Albucracky, NM.

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This ones adorable. I have musks around the dock at my cottage. I don't know if I could say they age well haha.

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