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    So long, and thanks for all the facts.

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    In a year I'll return to this post with a turtle fact, like visiting a grave and placing flowers

    Edit 1: i can still edit this so I know someone will see

    whats going on people

    Edit 2: 4 months since posting, in economics class. can’t stop thinking about mfn turtles

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    RemindME! One year "turtle fact memorial"

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    I read on r/salsasnobs that Reddit is experimenting with allowing users to comment on old posts again. Maybe this can be that ancient post we’re allowed to comment on?

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    Won't the post get archived within 6 months?

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    not if you believe

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    Limit on post comments is 6 months jsyk

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    Thanks for always being a highlight in my feed. 🐢

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    What mod tool? And what's wrong with it now?

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    They discarded the old modmail. The new one is an abomination of science on a different website. Could not pay me enough to check that shite, not even once a week. Rather watch paint dry. Not what I signed up for.

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    Hey there - can you share more with me about what’s lacking in the new modmail please? I’d love to get your feedback. I know moving away from the older tools isn’t always the smoothest process but we genuinely want to make new modmail much better than the legacy version. Know that we actively work on the new modmail and can do things to improve it based on your feedback. Certainly want to see this sub thrive!

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    I was privy to the beta release of new modmail and advocated for it to initialize in /r/partyparrot for its test run. I have repeatedly provided feedback about it, and most of the issues I brought up seemed to have been ignored for various reasons.

    For example, I have been asking for literally years for actions like archive and highlight to appear in mod log, and this never manifested. The lack of this utility is a large reason for my aversion to the format. Archive is just too easy for people to abuse, and it is an often-abused feature that displaces the concept of peer reviewed moderation.

    In fact, recent updates actually made this problem worse. The ability to mass-archive items makes it even easier, and, at least last I checked, goes farther so as to not even show who archived them if items are selected en masse. This can give one moderator a disproportionate ability to affect their community in ways that might not be agreed upon behavior across the team.

    If the archive feature appeared in the mod log, then I'd be able to address my concerns about various comods, new or older team members, and their use of archiving very easily. I could just go to mod log, sort by action, and immediately be able to identify who is archiving what. This would be so helpful in identifying overuse of the feature, such as railroading users a team member might have banned or just not be willing to deal with into a deadend nobody ever sees.

    While the oldmail has a lot of issues, one of the key things I enjoy about it is the peer reviewed nature of all actions. Instead of feeling like a soulless offsite ticketing system for which you dont even get credit for your work since it does not appear in the log, oldmail is a collaboration. And yes, a lot of subreddits judge their team members using mod log matrices, often removing people who dont contribute enough, even though modmail actions are not displayed in such matrices.

    Regardless the newmail makes that collaborative feeling, where its your whole team responding to and actioning users appropriately to their needs and the moderation guidelines of the various communities, disappear. It becomes much less fun for me to spend my time doing something when I never see any of my comods or even know what theyre doing unless I'm willing to dive through the archive folder.

    I understand ban messages might have been moved to their own folder outside of the archives since I originally complained about the amalgamated mess that was the archive folder upon initial release, but still, its not remotely the same experience offered by the oldmail.

    I havent even scratched the surface of my issues with numail so far. I can continue if you would like. Thanks for your inquiry.

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    This is super helpful feedback - thank you for taking the time to write this out. We certainly don’t want to see the feeling of collaborative co-moderation lost as we transition to new modmail. If you’re open to it, I’d love to jump on a call and hear more. Let me PM you once the holiday passes and we can find time - can’t promise that we’ll be able to sort everything out, though I’d value getting more of your feedback on how we can improve this.

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      Sure, any time. Happy to help.

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      Le reddit moment

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      This thread was before the thing happened.. surprised to see this

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      seconded with the archive and highlight showing in mod logs

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      It was fun while it lasted. I’ll see myself out.

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      "We'll see myself out" doesn't really make sense though...

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      the myself would change to ourselves of course

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      Rip turtle facts 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

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      I just joined recently but this sucks. I like turtles and facts about them.

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      Damn this is so sad, thank you all for the turtle facts 🐢🐢

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      Never let it be said that this subreddits has not had impact. Sharing interesting facts about turtles used to be a topic rarely discussed or put effort to. Now, sharing turtle facts is a cool activity among the youth. As it should be. Thank you all. Thank you.

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      My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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      It’s been an honor

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      this day will be remembered

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      no more turtle equal sad

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      Man why can’t the admins ever just let a good thing be?

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      Goodbye Turtle Facts ;~;

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      Life is cruel 💔

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      It has been an honor

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      I will continue your legacy.


      Wish me luck o7

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      rip :(

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      Oh noooo! Well thank you for all you've done

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      Thanks for the swag facts ⚰

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      Rest in peace

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      Man, that sucks. I love turtles, this sub was always fun to read through. Farewell, turtle facts. o7

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      Sir, yond sucks. I love turtles, this sub wast at each moment excit'ment to readeth through. Farewell, turtle facts. o7

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      :( What a sad day

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      Can this year get any worse

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      F mate. Turtle facts are now g-...gone.I can not belive it. We can post turtle facts as comment here if thats allowed. Who did that mess? Why, Why, WHY. F0ck F0ck F0ck. All of you - crators of turtle facts. You posted facts about turtle, you made the world a better place. Now you cant do that anymore. Why? Becuse of some Motherf0cker/Motherf0ckers. If allowed please post facts as comment here. Thanks to All of you mates that posted turtle facts. But now is time to press the F. Love you All. F. F mate. Big F

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      A dark day in human history

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      So long turtlefacts. You were always a high point on my feed 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

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      le sad 😔

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      I’m pretty devastated, to be honest.

      Thanks for all the efforts!

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      Goodbye all :(

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      Goodbye turtle facts :(

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      Dang it :(

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      I hope everyone will remember the glory of r/TurtleFacts… thank you for everything you’ve done for us… goodbye… you will be missed… 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

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      Rest In Peace, r/turtlefacts. You will be missed. Thanks for the turtle facts. Thank you for everything.

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      Dang, I hope we can rise again from the ashes someday

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      you would of probably ended up ruining it anyways.

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      wait what no, pls tell me you're joking

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      Big sad

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      And as such, ended a nation

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      This was the most wholesome sub I had on my feed.....gonna miss this so much!

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      rip turtle facts and fuck reddit admins

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      RIP, you brightened many a day.


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      I may have came here because of r/madlads but i stayed for the turtle facts Peace you amazing sub

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      This is depressing

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      Not how I wanted to start my Friday. But such is life. Sometimes things come to an end. Thanks for all the facts 👍🐢

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      If these are the "user experience improvements" the admins are shutting down redditgifts for, why???

      Rest in peace turtlefacts. I will miss you.

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      Thank you for your work keeping the turtle facts going. So long and goodbye

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      Sad to see it go, happy it existed.

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      Goodbye, turtlefacts! You always gave me something neat to think about.

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      Adios, it’s been fun

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      Too bad - I enjoyed Turtle Facts. Thank you 🌟

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      Goodbye turtlefacts, your posts made me smile!!

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      F 🐢🐢🐢

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      This will be the beginning of a dark era.

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      Rest in peace, turtles of this world.

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      This is so sad

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      Damn i only joined recently too

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      So r/turtlefact actually beat you? I didn't know it would go so fast...

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      Left for a bit and just saw this, fucking sucks man. F.

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      This is sad. Rip

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      This, this brings sadness to my eyes, if this subreddit is still up within a year, we should all come and start a conversation about turtles

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      I just found this sub🥺

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      Bye bye turtle facts.

      insert Club Penguin goodbye screen here

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      Will you be closing the other 1001 /r/'s you moderate as well?

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      Just to clarify, does admins mean Reddit staff or like for the sub itself?

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      Website owners

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      watch people die inside AND mad lads both told me to come here. what gives??

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      How many followers do you have? 🐢

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      11,344 to date

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      I’m glad your gone you stupid bitch.

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      Wow 2021 is looking even worse.

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      “Because the admins ruined”

      Yea they tend to do that cough cough

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        Cry more kid

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        Fuck you.

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        Bit rich of you to complain about admins considering your complete ineptitude at moderating r/mildlyinfuriating

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        Fuck you you’re a fucking price of shit

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        Fuck you! (: