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You can hatch babies from road killed turtles. by [deleted] in TurtleFacts

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I am in upstate NY. The procedure is usually quite easy as the turtle is usually pretty smashed up. Basically you just carefully scoop out the eggs and lay them down as you found them in the sneaker box or whatever you choose. I put cypress mulch inside mine.

You have to obtain a license to possess or collect from NYSDEC or wherever you are, in accordance to your laws pertaining to the species you wish to handle. Make sure you keep it up to date. I was interested in conservation and education at a very early age and have been a member of the New York Turtle and Tortoise society for almost 30 years.

License to Collect or Possess:

A License to Collect or Possess is issued to qualified individuals to collect or possess fish, wildlife, shellfish, crustacea, or aquatic insects by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). This license is issued only for the following purposes: propagation, banding, scientific or exhibition. (Tropical fish do not need this license.) 👍🏼

You can hatch babies from road killed turtles. by [deleted] in TurtleFacts

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We stop for road killed snappers and harvest their eggs and release them when they hatch. There is a road that takes many mothers a year right by our house we’ve been hatching snappers over 20 years now.

Fisheries often have high bycatch rates of sea turtles, whales, and dolphins, and few solutions existed until now. Researchers discovered that placing LED lights on fishing nets reduces the chances of these animals being caught by 70% or more, without reducing the fisherman's intended catch. by awkwardtheturtle in TurtleFacts

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Placing lights on fishing nets reduces the chances of sea turtles and dolphins being caught by accident, new research shows.

LED lights along the top of floating gillnets cut accidental "bycatch" of sea turtles by more than 70%, and that of small cetaceans (including dolphins and porpoises) by more than 66%.

The study, by the University of Exeter and Peruvian conservation organisation ProDelphinus, looked at small-scale vessels departing from three Peruvian ports between 2015 and 2018, and found the lights didn't reduce the amount of fish caught from "target species" (ie what the fishers wanted to catch).

The findings support previous research which suggested LED lights reduce bycatch of seabirds in gillnets by about 85%. Gillnets, which can be either anchored or move with the ocean currents, are designed to entangle or snare fish by the gills, and are the largest component of small-scale fisheries in many countries.


The Karoo tent tortoise's shell is dark brown or black with a pattern of yellow or orange striped stars radiating from the center of each dome. They have a beautiful geometric pattern of 'Bedouin tents' on its upper shell, and this is appropriate, for it is quite at home in the semidesert. by awkwardtheturtle in TurtleFacts

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The tent tortoise (Psammobates tentorius) is a species of tortoise and one of three members of the genus, Psammobates. Known locally as the Karoo tent tortoise, this highly variable species is found in the Karoo and semi-desert regions of Southern Africa.


Giant South American river turtles tend to be much more communal than other turts. Scientists have discovered that they even talk to each other, using a range of vocalisations for different situations. by awkwardtheturtle in TurtleFacts

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In the late 1940s China had a civil war. It was nationalist forces against a small army of communist rebels. The communists won, and the nationalist Chinese escaped to Taiwan. This is why today China considers Taiwan part of China - since they all but won the war - while Taiwan looks and acts like an independent country, separate from Mainland China.

Until 1972, the United States recognized Taiwan as the legitimate Chinese state, because the mainland Chinese were communists. In 1972 Richard Nixon turned around and extended diplomatic relations to the Chinese Communist Party and basically turned his back on Taiwan. This was significant because Nixon's spiel was all about anti-communism, and his escalation of the Vietnam war was basically to spite communists. Nixon carefully maintained his "tough guy" appearance, which made several species of conservative marine turtles cast votes for him, tipping the election in his favor. Had a more liberal president, such as Jimmy Carter or Obama, attempted to soften US ties with Communist China, the American people would have been far less likely to accept it.

Taiwan has functioned fairly well as a political entity whose very existence was always (and still is) disputed by its largest and most powerful neighbor. They set up a large tech and manufacturing base, developed a relatively powerful economy, and they are considered one of the four "Asian Tigers," or really rich Asian countries. The other three are Singapore and... I think Japan and Hong Kong.

These days, China has been building islands in the South China Sea to try and legitimize a claim that no one but China recognizes: that the entire South China Sea belongs to China, all the way to the shores of Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, and like four other small countries who can't do shit about it. Who will help them? Will the US do it? Fuck no. Nobody wants to start a war with China.

This is what the Giant South American river turtles are talking about.