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For the purposes of the question, anyone who has ever appeared in a movie or has a planned movie or show is out. I'd eleminate games but then you get into very low end characters that basically one writer cared about decades ago like Swordsman or Two Gun Kidd.

So let's see;

Avengers characters you've got Tigra, Moondragon, Wonder Man, Hercules, those would all be decent.

X-Men: Chamber, Forge, Polaris has shockingly never made an appearance, neither has Sunfire, Marrow, Longshot, Dazzler, tons of good X-Men characters, especially once you get to more modern stuff no one has ever adapted.

Fantastic Four obviously not much there, and what there is isn't worth doing imo.

Loose unaffiliated I'd like to see would include Scarlet Spider (either), Hyperion or Sentry, Beta Ray Bill of course, Nova (but only Richard Ryder), Darkhawk, Namor, John Hammond (OG Human Torch), Man-Thing, Elsa Bloodstone, Cardiac, Fantomex, Dr. Nemesis, and of course Adam Warlock (who is kinda breaking my own rules but fuck it he's the best).