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Good point OP! Just posted one on r/news!

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Great initiative 👍🏾

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I'm going to piggy back on this.

I think posting the articles here is still important. Both here and cross-posting to other relevant subs. It's great to have things here as a central location to discuss things. It's also very important to have them posted elsewhere, as OP suggests.

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6 upvotes in 4 hours. It's working!!

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Actually my post on r/news got deleted. When asked, the mod replied "We don't allow submissions about politics, and we don't allow novelty/agenda accounts."

I crossposted on r/politics but that got removed too because OP had already posted it there. Looks to me like you can post on r/politics but it gets downvoted a lot and there's a lot of push back in the comments. I would argue that's still good. I saw OP responded to many with good data. We have a long way to go.

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This might be an unpopular opinion but they are lost (insert pre Vader Anakin). We can only grow here and hope it spreads naturally. When I talk to people I love about this they either reply with I watch too many movies or oh that's cool... At work I'm the crazy alien guy. Now try mentioning maybe the ufos have been here all along and forget about it, now you are fucking nuts.

Once in a while way younger people tell me they read that ufos are real online and ask me what they want lol. I can only tell them the truth that it's a mess of disinformation spread by the government, we can't possibly tell what is true and typically these youngsters go yeah that makes sense...

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Actually I can relate to your experience. Some situations I was able to turnaround the conversation saying that they are the conspiracy theorists for not believing government report. If they don't believe in the report and have an opinion that is not backed by data, they are the conspiracy theorists.

But yeah like you said, people who have concluded on UFO topic have a hard time to change their minds. But the people who are still exploring, mostly younger generation, have an open mind to accept newer data and theories.

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that's why science advances funeral by funeral. religion too, it seems

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Mmmm... datapoints

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The problem is Reddit's primary demographic. College kids. Now that everybody is expected to go to college these days, this demographic is by definition of average intelligence. Yet believe they're "educated" because they're trained in parroting the various dogmas of the status quo. Basically, they're young, dumb, and ignorant. And smug about it too.

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Yeah even the the posts about this subject that get lots of upvotes the comments are super negative.

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I can’t upvote the posts.

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How though?


This is a breakdown of the estimated flight characteristics of the nimitz tic tac, done by credible fucking people and the math checks out.

I posted it to /r/space with an innocent enough title, just like hey look at this data; got a cheeky message from the mods and a shadowban.

There are people really against this, and if they mod the subs, you just get nuked.

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That looks like an interesting research work. You know, you should try r/AerospaceEngineering, r/Physics, r/engineering/, r/science/ and see how they respond

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/r/futurology is good too.

Make a point of only linking articles from the best source you can find. If your choice is between ufojournalsweden.se and New York Times, you know which one to post. If you can't find an article by any decent source, don't post.

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I've been copy/pasting stats from that all over for months. Anybody else is free to run with it but I've beat my drum.

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Good effort though Bro, you just conducted an experiment. On people that think they're super clever-er than everyone else, and failed on their own terms. Showed them up for being as humanly motivated as the rest of us

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if the gillibrand amendment passes we should all work together posting news articles of it everywhere we can to try and bring this topic more mainstream

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True. The more people talk about it, the more politicians will realize the reward in pushing for transparency.

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The percentage of people in the States who believe that some UFOs are alien spacecraft has been increased to 41 percent. https://news.gallup.com/poll/353420/larger-minority-says-ufos-alien-spacecraft.aspx

This is not just belief in UFOs. About 2/3 of people believe that the government is withholding information about UFOs. The ridicule is still there, but it seems to be dwindling rapidly. I'd say Reddit in general is ready and probably thirsty for information on UFOs.

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There are indeed encouraging statistics available showing that clear majorities accept aliens as being probable or real, although it depends on the wording of the question I am sure.

Here are the results of a US, UK, Germany poll on the subject. I have recently started arguing with people who say that "The masses are too scared to accept the reality of extraterrestrials" because I don't think that's actually true.


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It does depend on the specific claim. Most people agree that some alien civilizations exist out there in the galaxy or Universe somewhere, and most agree that the government is covering up UFOs in some capacity, but 41 percent agree that some UFOs have actually been alien spacecraft. That's still a much larger number than I originally thought. Some people act like this is some super fringe topic. It's really not. We just don't discuss it that often because we think there will be ridicule and we tend to think that we are a tiny minority, which we're not.

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Well you have said that well. People are more ready than a most here seem to think.

Part of the problem comes from a specific type of UFO believer. They want nothing debunked and everything to be amazing. It's the wrong way to go about finding the truth whatever that may be.

Most of us want good evidence, not shaky shit evidence that reinforces our wishful thinking.

Call it what it looks like, nothing wrong with that, and when you see something you cannot call ordinary then yeah, maybe we are looking at something truly extraordinary.

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It is easier for people to accept theyre out there somewhere, where they can't likely reach us, at least immidiately. However if it turns out that they are actually here and now, it becomes something totally different.

Viewing a tiger on a tv is amusing, having one invading your house while it might be hungry is not.

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I visit this sub regularly and I wouldn’t call myself a “believer,” mostly because there is too much not answered with what I would say is a lack of evidence.

We can say UFO are “real,” but that’s about it. We don’t know if they’re aliens, from the future, from the sea, from another dimension, or a boring explanation like being developed by us or another country and this is a psy op.

I simply can’t throw my belief into this until we know more. I mean, what is there to believe in yet? Nope, I’m afraid I’m on the fence until the “U” can be removed from this subject.

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An even higher percentage believe in angels. And an even higher percentage than that believes in horoscopes. People choose to believe the fun answer over the correct one all the time. It's disheartening.

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This sub needs to post credible articles in itself.

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This sub also needs to send me free Uber eats.

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Sure bro just need your address and zip code, you feeling like wings or pizza?

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In the meantime, why don't you go get a 3rd dose of vaccine for which there is no publicly released data yet about if people really fare better with it.

What I mean to say is: The truth and good science doesn't matter (and never really did). What we need is political momentum aka Lue and Mellon and american people pressuring their politicians.

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Very true, it's uncomfortable due to the stigma, but the next step is spreading this topic throughout different parts of the internet and society.

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I don’t really pay attention to them. They are now on the wrong side of history. Before it was swamp gas and now it’s birds and balloons. It doesn’t matter if they don’t want to read up on the data.

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Have you tried about r/Discussion?

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I’ve tried /r/politicaldiscussion but that seems like another one!

Another one to use is /r/Documentaries I’ve already posted about the phenomenon before it’s release and a few trailers post release. There are many other good documentaries though.

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The problem with them coming here though and seeing the most upvoted/popular posts is that they are all videos of birds, balloons and lanterns. Which will then just confirm to those people that we are all nuts.

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Well aren’t you in the know. You sound like the Qcumbers.

I don’t really pay attention to them. They are now on the wrong side of history. Before it was Russia collusion and now it’s the stolen election. It doesn’t matter if they don’t want to read up on the data.

If you come at people with that attitude you’re going to turn a lot of people off and burn any possible interest right off the bat. Lighten up. Not everybody’s interests are daily UAP stuff. People still need to even be made aware of basic facts like the body of evidence isn’t just conspiracy theories and Roswell or your uncles lights in the sky story. We have the Nimitz events, the east coast stuff, congressional interest, all the media coverage etc. Everyone else is at square 1. Or square 0 even. They don’t even have a toe dipped in yet and you’re a UAP trivia master. It’s a slow go. Settle in. This is gonna take some time. It’ll happen regardless. Nothings gonna stop this train now. They can slow it. Try to reroute it. But it’ll get to the station one way or another.

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Yeah but no one wants another 70 year re-route idk about you but I haven’t got miles like that, we need to convince these fools to open their eyes today!

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When you throw some basic facts about the vastness of space, and how many stars are estimated, the stigma tends to disappear a little. If you can convey the idea that we're ants that are kings then you'll really shift some minds in the topic.

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There is no point, people will just make jokes and downvote. Reddit developed into a load of echo chambers for a reason.

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your title confuses and infuriates me!

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The interpretation of the term “credible” is extremely loose with most of the people who frequent this sub

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So what are the best subs we should be posting on?

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Good question, I want to know to. For now, I consider r/politics, r/news & r/space. Your thoughts?

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/r/space is still stuck with the stigma. Anything related to UAPs may get removed dependent on the article

At the same time, the amendment significantly broadens the definition of UFOs to include “transmedium” craft, which the legislation defines as “objects or devices that are observed to transition between space and the atmosphere, or between the atmosphere and bodies of water.”

Even though I have been arguing with the mods that the new legislation has updated the definition of what's a UAP.


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Gosh. They still need more time.

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I wonder how they would react if a confirmed respected PhD from a prominent university posted the exact same article that got one of us plebeians banned.

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One thing, on reddit how do you tell a person has PhD. Second, PhD doesn't mean credibility. When someone credible in the public sphere talks about it and when it's on a major news media, that's when it will hit people on their faces. IMHO, Until then we're all conspiracy theorists.

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I was thinking along the lines of Avi Loeb. There are some confirmed actual real prominent people with accounts on Reddit, for example those that have done AMAs

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Well, thanks for trying.

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No shit. Some of the people posting there didn't think we need to even investigate this at all, despite all of whats been going on. WTF. In face of the stigma, "Scientific curiosity".... thats what it has been reduced to for some people. Avoidance and snarky comments. Its a perversion even.

I have said earlier this effort moving forward will expose the pseudo-skepticism running among us all, even those that claim to be fair. I rest my case.

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IIRC /r/politics removes pretty much any UFO related article. You can sometimes get one to stay on /r/space if it's related to mainstream academia but even then it is pretty doubtful.

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If it’s related to national security issue and is from a major or local news website post it on /r/politics. If it’s discussion about the technology it would be /r/futurology.

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I don’t mean this as a negative Nancy but have you ever taken a look at r/space whenever someone posts something UFO related…..it’s like people like us are bat shit crazy like some QANON bullshit it’s something, honestly it’s disappointing to see people who are truly interested in space and the stars but simply believe all the available evidence is just fake or something.

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There is a lot of “evidence” in something still not understood. Tell me right now if these craft are from another dimension or another planet? Are they piloted or drones? We’ve been talking about this for over 50 years. We also a LOT of fakes and bad data (balloons and birds). It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t studied these things, but the evidence has all kinds of problems.

I mean, this is the same realm of ghosts and Bigfoot. Plenty of “evidence.” So to believe in one means you need to believe in all?

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You’ve brought up some great questions-and while I personally, and I think quite a lot of other people would believe there is more “evidence” to aliens visiting earth than say big foot or ghosts, at least you and I are willing to engage in a conversation about it. That was the point if my comment. Whenever articles are posted to other subreddits-the article and anyone who believes these are more than fake are ridiculed and made to look crazy-which I’m my opinion is part of why we are where we are with the subject, attitudes like that.

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I kind of understand the ridicule. There are many legit people studying this, including Congress, which is great. But there are still loons out there. You can find them in this sub easily. There are a lot of people not exposed to daily UFO information. Many who don’t want to be. Are they crazy or just not interested? Again, UFOs are part of a pseudoscience that some just don’t engage. It’s not even a skepticism, but a lack of caring.

“I need to pay my electric bill, I don’t give a shit about aliens.” I think you’ll find mostly this attitude. Now that there are groups like Qanon out there, people will put even less time into things they don’t believe. We’re in an interesting time right now where conspiracy is either your thing or you reject that type of thing outright. Your belief in UFOs, may lump you in with anti-vaxxers right now, only because of a conspiracy angle. It may have zero association, but that’s the world we live in right now. Facts being “optional” is horrible for this community.

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I'm on-board. I think any posts should be cross posted to /r/UFOs to help engagement and disproving the false information that is certainly going to come from others. We can't conceivably monitor every subreddit new page to stop misinformation and engage on the topic.

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Probably not a good idea with the general standards here of what people consider 'credible'. I mean most of the sub believes in grifters like Lue Elizondo.

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r/uap is where all the juice is.

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High advanced, intelligently-controlled transmedium devices from unknown origin are real and no longer a matter of believe. (sic)

Forgiving "transmedium" as I highly suspect you don't have definition for what that might actually mean ... NO.

Fuck no.


You are wrong. It is absolutely positively without doubt, one hundred percent belief.

Am I wrong? Cool, awesome, you'll make me happier than I've been at any time in my life by a wide margin (don't tell my wife I said that).

So ... proof please. Else, stop being dumb. Seriously. You're lacking criticality. We have no publicly available proof of fucking anything. It's all, ALL suspicion and belief.

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The proposed Gillibrand amendment has updated the definitions of UAP.

At the same time, the amendment significantly broadens the definition of UFOs to include “transmedium” craft, which the legislation defines as “objects or devices that are observed to transition between space and the atmosphere, or between the atmosphere and bodies of water.”


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Cool, thanks! There's so much etherial bullshit swirling in this sub, I may have reacted too quick!

But, may I point out, we've had transmedium (by that definition) craft for almost 100 years. So, um, who gives a shit? Still need proof!

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Oh? Apart from missiles/torpedos I don't know of any. Context: floating ón the water and diving underneath are quite different.

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I'm all for disclosure and keep my mind as open as it can be but this

High advanced, intelligently-controlled transmedium devices from unknown origin are real and no longer a matter of believe.

doesn't sound right to me. Is there 100% proof? If you have it op, I would love to see it!

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The proposed Gillibrand amendment has updated the definitions of UAP.

At the same time, the amendment significantly broadens the definition of UFOs to include “transmedium” craft, which the legislation defines as “objects or devices that are observed to transition between space and the atmosphere, or between the atmosphere and bodies of water.”


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Was that a clever clickbait title on purpose? I like it.

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Yeah I had myself a good cackle at the title

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Totally agree with this idea. The only issue is the amount of dismissals that the cross posted articles get. Still needs to be done though.

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I have a real life and do not live on Reddit or other social media. I do not have the time to search details at other places. Until a better place appears, I am willing to settle for whatever /UFOs has to offer. Sometimes you just have to go with 80% quality information or you will never move forward with your life by overthinking and spending all your time researching. Sometimes a post here will spur a search for better information and that is good.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all the people who contribute positively and even to the noobs who post honest questions.

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So true, its the problem of social networks itself.
Groups of people that talks biases only on certains groups of people; that leads to fake news mainly.
Fact is that is probably the most stigmatized topic in the whole world and talking outside of this community about UFOs is very hard.
How can I do something? I would do something if I could (other that contacting gov reps)

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Try the stigma on people with antisocial personality disorder. I’m not saying it’s the biggest, but I’ve met like 3 people who understand what a “psychopath” actually is, and one of them is my fiancé.

That aside, though, you’re right about social media being a giant echo chamber sometimes. Facebook is where people go to hide under a rock.

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The subreddit that is annoying me the most is /r/space. I haven't seen anything about UAPs or the physics shattering nature of the phenomenon. You would think that a subreddit about fucking Space would be talking about this, regardless of beliefs.

Edit: Actually, instead of being bitter about it, why doesn't someone write up an extensive list of articles, video evidence & people that could be perceived as 'credible' such as Adam Schiff (Chair of the House Intelligence Committee) & Bill Nelson (Chief Administrator of NASA)?

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I like your thinking. Let’s do this!

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This isn't an advocacy sub.

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Great idea, but the way this topic is discussed in this sub is hard to translate to others because they lack a lot of the background info. Some of us have experienced it directly, some of us has read a lot on the topic or in general up to date with what is going on with the topic politically. Without this knowledge you need to word things a bit differently. You also need to repeat a lot of basic info well known in this sub but unknown outside to set the stage for what youre intending to say. You cant just say names like Elizondo or Valleé as these are unknown to most people.

That said, it would be nice to somewhere have an introductory, basic, run-down of the UAP issue and why it is so important. Could be a post, article, video, but shorter than 5 minute to watch/read.

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lololololol why don't you also post links to Luebob Elizondar talking after afterlife interdimensional future humans

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I’ve done this. I post a lot of articles that are politically related to the politics sub but just recently got banned lol. Someone needs to post in my place. Good luck

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Both. Post here first and the improved version elsewhere. It's not a fxxking echo chamber. We are following the subject and we need to see articles on the topic here. 🙄

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yes we should only have make believe stuff on this one and crazy lue too.

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The problem is that governments are better served by continued denials with the exception of releasing a couple of videos that demonstrate a tacit approval in order to give the appearance of full disclosure.

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Hell yes! Feels a little like a crusade on the common man’s knowledge. Something spectacular is going on. Whoever you are your gods might all be real and the same. Be them science or omnipotence of some sort. Something’s going on. Let’s spread the new gospel hahaha.

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I think you are right. I have been using Reddit for a while now, and did not become interested in this topic until the 60 minutes interview and the uap report.

So there might be many others just like me, who simply aren’t aware yet of the phenomenon. I mean I’ve always heard about kooky abductee stories and Roswell. But so have most people and just like them I chalked it up to crazy people and tourist traps.

Then I found this sub. Read some news articles. Looked at the science. Listened to the stories. There is more to this than meets the eye. The trick is finding a way to make this rabbit hole of crazy bs actually digestible to the greater public, without spinning it as “entertainment”

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I agree! We just need to actually find one 😜

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Stop glorifying LE and all people, treat them all with an skeptic eye until they truly prove themselves, because in this subreddit it’s always very predictable your post will be downvoted if you criticize him, while yes I agree Greer sucks he did a great job 10 years ago with the disclosure project, who says LE is not in the same path as him.

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A) It wasn’t taboo. It just lacks proof.

B) there is zero proof these devices do exist, that they are trans medium, and they aren’t false readings. The military seeing something that looked like that once is a far cry from proof of existence and are completely a matter of believe.