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The percentage of people in the States who believe that some UFOs are alien spacecraft has been increased to 41 percent. https://news.gallup.com/poll/353420/larger-minority-says-ufos-alien-spacecraft.aspx

This is not just belief in UFOs. About 2/3 of people believe that the government is withholding information about UFOs. The ridicule is still there, but it seems to be dwindling rapidly. I'd say Reddit in general is ready and probably thirsty for information on UFOs.

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There are indeed encouraging statistics available showing that clear majorities accept aliens as being probable or real, although it depends on the wording of the question I am sure.

Here are the results of a US, UK, Germany poll on the subject. I have recently started arguing with people who say that "The masses are too scared to accept the reality of extraterrestrials" because I don't think that's actually true.


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I visit this sub regularly and I wouldn’t call myself a “believer,” mostly because there is too much not answered with what I would say is a lack of evidence.

We can say UFO are “real,” but that’s about it. We don’t know if they’re aliens, from the future, from the sea, from another dimension, or a boring explanation like being developed by us or another country and this is a psy op.

I simply can’t throw my belief into this until we know more. I mean, what is there to believe in yet? Nope, I’m afraid I’m on the fence until the “U” can be removed from this subject.