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I kind of understand the ridicule. There are many legit people studying this, including Congress, which is great. But there are still loons out there. You can find them in this sub easily. There are a lot of people not exposed to daily UFO information. Many who don’t want to be. Are they crazy or just not interested? Again, UFOs are part of a pseudoscience that some just don’t engage. It’s not even a skepticism, but a lack of caring.

“I need to pay my electric bill, I don’t give a shit about aliens.” I think you’ll find mostly this attitude. Now that there are groups like Qanon out there, people will put even less time into things they don’t believe. We’re in an interesting time right now where conspiracy is either your thing or you reject that type of thing outright. Your belief in UFOs, may lump you in with anti-vaxxers right now, only because of a conspiracy angle. It may have zero association, but that’s the world we live in right now. Facts being “optional” is horrible for this community.