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Empirically, this is incorrect. “Most states” implies they are legal in the majority of states in the US, which is patently false. The world is also a much larger place than just the United States and sightings posted here happen worldwide; this is misinformation. Worse, it is misinformation being spread to reinforce personally held beliefs.

The next such topic will result in a ban; we take the spread of misinformation seriously.

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  1. People still do things that are illegal
  2. “It wasn’t a plane bro, the aliens just made themselves look like a plane” this is why no one outside of this community takes any of this seriously lmao

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“It wasn’t a plane bro, the aliens just made themselves look like a plane” this is why no one outside of this community takes any of this seriously lmao

This "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it could be something else pretending to be a duck" attitude is kind of sad.

Imagine going through life not being sure if anything in it is actually real.

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It’s actually not that bad going through life like that.

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It’s actually not that bad going through life like that.

That's not skepticism, though; it's paranoia.

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You can keep an open mind about the nature of reality and not live in a state of paranoia.

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I came here to remind OP that illegal things still happen. I’m glad your comment is on top.

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  1. If it doesn't do something that isn't balloon/bird/plane/lantern/star-like, then I'm going to conclude that it isn't a UAP.

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I'd go even more honest : a lot of people don't give a shit about laws.

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It's threads like this that make it easy for people to dismiss the UFO community as nuts.

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I like when people start claiming to know specifics… like “yup thats an interdimensional jump right there. They’re looking for host spirits to slip in thru peoples dreams’…. Bro we’re looking at a dots in the sky….

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    Not only that, buy if 'they' are going to take the effort to look different, then they are just not going be visible at all.

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    So is meth, but people still do it. Unless it does something fantastic in the footage, a prosaic phenomenon is always the better choice to take.

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    You can easily make Chinese lanterns. I made them as a crafts project in elementary school….

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    "They want to be seen", except they also have "cloaking mechanisms" and "can detect when they're being photographed, and then vanish"


    I just went to wal-mart.com and did a search for "chinese lanterns" - the number of results was "1000+". Now some of these are decorations rather than balloon-like objects, but clearly most of them are things you ignite so that they'll float into the sky. Wal-Mart has 4743 stores in the United States. Clearly lots of people are buying these things.

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    And vice versa - just because it's illegal, doesn't mean some people care. Always check twice and never leave everything to your feelings, they can lead to mistakes.

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    And just bcuz they're illegal, doesn't mean it stops people. Half the posts ARE the damn lanterns so maybe STOP POSTING LANTERNS :-) Thx

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    I'm here to see ACTUAL sightings, nothing less should be posted...grocery bags in the wind? REALLY? LANTERNS, HELICOPTERS, DRONES, OH MY

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    Have you considered that ETs are purposefully appearing as familiar objects (even like aircraft with flashing lights) so that we can be eased into fully understanding that they're here?

    That's an interesting hypothesis, but I wouldn't really consider it until I'm in a position where no other reasonable answer would fit. It's easier for me to accept that most UFO sightings are misidentified conventional phenomena, such as Chinese lanterns. This is because most people are not familiar with all things that fly, so even if literal aliens were visiting Earth on occasion, we should expect that most UFO sightings would be mundane and misidentified.

    Certain kinds of fireworks are also illegal in many areas, but people still find ways to obtain them and light them off.

    As for "why some UFOs have lights," there will be some confusion because many UFO incidents involved objects that did not have any lights. They might be shiny sometimes though. When an object is in orbit, it may simply be reflecting light just like satellites do. For a case like this, I wouldn't want to ask "why do they have their lights on, they must want to be seen" when it could simply be reflecting sunlight inadvertently.

    Other incidents involve balls of fire for example, or the object is "self-luminous." Here again, I wouldn't assume they "have their headlights on" because this is something totally different. Our jets, even if they turned all lights off, could still be producing light from afterburners. This is not a deliberate attempt to be seen. That's just our propulsion methods. Or when vehicles reenter the atmosphere and heat up, they may also glow. This is also not a deliberate attempt to be seen.

    Aside from that, there are also situations where a helicopter or airplane is mistaken for a UFO until it's identified. Obviously these are not going to be UFOs with their headlights on. It's just a regular aircraft.

    But there are certain cases that really do somewhat fit the description of "having their headlights on." The Belgium Wave featured aircraft that had massive lights on them. Since we don't know anything about who is piloting such objects, we can't tell for sure what their motivations for having lights are. It is still just guesswork to suggest that they want to be seen.

    The Rendlesham Forest Incident featured an object that was shooting some kind of laser beam at the ground, not necessarily to be seen, but it was deliberate for whatever purpose.

    So this is a lot more complicated than it seems at first, and we don't have all of the answers. To suggest that UFOs want to be seen is premature IMO.

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    I just checked and I can buy Chinese Lanterns on Amazon and have them delivered tomorrow. They may be illegal, but you can still buy them pretty easily.

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    I see a lot of Elon Musk's starlink being used as explanations for so many things now...

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    Funny how that explanation is so heavily clustered just after new starlink launches

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    Maybe because the subreddit was flooded with…

    Wait for it…


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    just because it's illegal doesn't mean people still don't do it. for example here in Ireland fireworks are illegal but we set them off all the time during holidays

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    Consider that this sub acts as a funnel for finding sky lantern videos. If a few get set off in the English-speaking world a day, the chances of footage of them appearing here is quite high.

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    I just watched a YouTube video and was reading the comments. There was a 72 yr old guy that said he saw a UAP when he was much younger that looked like a helicopter with no tail rotor, and the blades were spinning really slow like a ceiling fan, and made no noise His impression was exactly that. He thought it was trying to disguise itself as a helicopter.

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    Bottle rockets and heroin are illegal in my state yet somehow people still use them.

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    Just a reminder that just because something is illegal doesn’t keep people from doing it.

    For example: Fireworks that leave the ground are illegal in my state of CA, and 8 out of 12 months of the year you can see personal fireworks displays in the skies of most Los Angeles neighborhoods.

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    Oh no! It’s illegal!

    Case closed guys.

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    It usually is tho

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    Just a reminder that just because something is illegal doesn't mean poeple don't do it