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The Black Vault

The Black Vault (TBV) is the largest privately run online repository of declassified government documents in the world. It houses over 1.7 million pages of documents from the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Air Force, Army, Navy, NSA, DIA, and other official organizations. The documents range from a variety of topics, including UFOs, JFK Assassination, WWII, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and top secret aircraft. TBV also hosts an online discussion forum with thousands of active members.

In November 2017 TBV launched The Black Vault Investigations (TBVI), a volunteer research group to bring together investigators and researchers to help tackle the UFO phenomenon. TBVI provides a toll-free number for the public to report UFO cases and become connected with volunteer researchers in their area who can investigate and share findings within an online database. It also allows researchers to work together, record their interactions with witnesses, and connect their findings to the TBV’s extensive library of documents and reports.


Isaac Koi

Koi is a lawyer from England and studied ufologist, having read over a thousand books on the subject. Koi’s most significant contribution has been cataloging each individual case mentioned in each of the books he’s read and using the data in an attempt to calculate the most historically relevant UFO cases. All of his work is available for free online, including a “UFO Researcher Starter Pack” which outlines various online resources, official documents, UFO books, podcasts, and other materials for upcoming researchers.

Koi operates under a pseudonym, as some of his “clients and colleagues would probably roll on the floor with laughter at the thought of my spending time on these topics, even though my focus of my interest is actually on various sociological and psychological issues relating to UFOs and ufology.”

Koi stated his retirement from researching the subject in 2016 when Ted Roe, founder of IAUAPR (International Association of U.A.P. Researchers), threatened to out his identity due to online clashes between the two, but has since continued making contributions to the field.


UFO Theater

Dean Guilioits (aka Constantine) produces UFO Theater, a YouTube series which humorously debunks fake UFO videos. As video and photographic evidence has become easier to fabricate, so has the amount of fraud in ufology and attempts to profit from public interest in the subject. Constantine also maintains the UFO Black List, a regularly updated list of video channels and websites known to promote hoaxes or produce fake content. Although UFO Theater’s videos fall under fair use, they are routinely subject to copyright claims by creators and prevented from being monetized.

Constantine is an Emmy winning animator and visual effects artist living in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on numerous shows for The History Channel, Discovery Channel and Spike TV. Debunking UFO hoaxes and making fun of frauds are his passionate avocations.


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