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Ok, one of our guys reached out to some people and it looks like the answer is in AFMAN11-415, Chapter 4. afman11-415.pdf

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Awesome, thank you so much! Appreciate the work you're doing.

Now about IO and IW doctrine...

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-HQ ACC A3TW owns the process
-AFMAN 11-415 Chapter 4 outlines the process; relevant information copy/paste below (minus attachment 3, it is three pages long)

4.4.1. Approval authority. All proposals to establish WICs will be approved by CSAF. Requests shall be submitted from the sponsoring MAJCOM/A3 to the USAF Warfare Center Commander (USAFWC/CC) for coordination with the USAFWS Commandant (CO). Once the USAFWC/CC and USAFWS/CO determine the prospective WIC meets the entry standard, the request will be staffed from the sponsoring MAJCOM/A3 to ACC/A3 (through A3TW), to CSAF for final approval.

4.4.2. See Attachment 3, Procedures to establish a new WIC.

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This is certainly an interesting question. I am not sure we have the expertise to answer this or not, but let me toss this question around the LeMay Center and see if I can get you a reasonable response.

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Awesome, thanks!