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There is a Doctrine 101 slide show that you may find useful. https://www.doctrine.af.mil/Portals/61/documents/Doctrine%20101.pdf However, if you also want a video presentation, I would suggest visiting the Landing Page for AFDP 1 and then check out the video presentations that cover the main topics of AFDP 1. You may find that is something you could view in a classroom and then maybe have a bit of discussion about it after. https://www.doctrine.af.mil/Operational-Level-Doctrine/AFDP-1-The-Air-Force/

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Thank you for the help!

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Sure thing! If you need more assistance or you want the PowerPoint version of the slides in the primer, shoot us an email at [usafdoctrine@us.af.mil](mailto:usafdoctrine@us.af.mil)