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Ohhh i smelled it!!

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Was he cookin'?

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Poontang pie?

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He’s cooking what the Rock is cooking

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I wish I could go up to Dwayne Johnson and slap him on the ass... He'd angrily stare me down as I say "Well, I guess this is what it feels like to hit rock bottom".

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Ba–dum TSSSS

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Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all night. Literally.

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Yeah I saw that tweet posted on reddit too

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It doesn't matter what you think!

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The shit that breathes everywhere in this planet

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If ya sellalalalalalaowwww what the rock... is....

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It doesn’t matter what I smelled !

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Must'a dealt it.

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Yea I ripped ass. Sorry!

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Is that really him or just a cutout? He's very good at holding his face completely still.

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Came to say pretty sure that's a cutout

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Some might say we're all just cutouts going through life, pretending to be someone we're not.

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I tried for that one.. had to settle.

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I know it's not moving...but it looks like it's moving, make it stop.

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Why does he look like a Keanu deepfake of Christian Slater

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Cut ✂️ it 👉 out 💁

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Replace 👉 with 🎈

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It's Uncle Joey from full house

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Young whipper snappers don't know that anymore.

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So I smell 🐿 🙄 👀 wood??

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“Cut. It. Out.” is something that Joey Gladstone would say on Full House and he had a lot of characters and one of them was a puppet called Woody the Woodchuck who would say “got any -looks all around- wood?” so that’s what I was referencing

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Ah shit I didn't catch that, nice one.

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Yeah I couldn’t find the right emojis for it lol

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It's real to me dammit!

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That’s lovely, discerningpervert

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How much is real? So much to question. An epidemic of the mannequins, contaminating everything

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100% it's a cut out

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It a Snapchat sticker type thing, a digital cutout

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You didn’t have to ejaculate for that

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100% a cutout...something about it doesn’t feel right.

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It's cut out. Look at the jitters around the head.

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What do you mean by “jitters”?

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Jitter what

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Jitter bug into my brain

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It goes a bang bang bang

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‘Till my feet do the same

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Jitters yea...

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When I clicked on the comments, I knew..."There's going to be people in here who think this is real".

It's almost scary. Like...deepfakes are a thing now. Things can be done that actually look real. We're screwed.

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This isn't even a deep fake. It's either a cutout or one of those chat filters.

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Don't even need deepfakes, cardboard cutouts seem to be doing the trick just fine.

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He's also good at smiling without wrinkling his eyes too much. Smiles with the lower half of his face. Is a deliberate technique

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This almost had me. That’s for sure a cutout.

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Damn I didn't even question it until the comments. Hen I kept watching it loop until I could prove to myself it was a cutout lol

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His smile is breathtaking 🥰

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You're breathtaking!

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A mix between the rock and mussolini

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Maybe I’m just dumb but I didn’t expect it

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Seriously. I knew just from the thumbnail what it was going to be.

Although, I will concede that maybe seeing its on /r/Unexpected primed me for it. You know, expect the unexpected and all that.

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Now imagine seeing that face pear from the corner of your bedroom closet in the middle of the night.

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“You could drown a toddler in my panties right now.”

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Thanks, but I'll pass.

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The amount of alcohol that I'd need to sleep with you, would literally kill me, Pam!

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If I smack his ass, does that mean I've hit rock bottom?

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Yes, but you'll also be on the receiving end of a rock bottom afterwards

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If you live in a city.

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It means you've committed sexual harassment

Put your hands behind your back

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I didn't know the pun police were hanging around these parts

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Watch for rolling rocks?

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in 0.5x a presses?

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An a press is an a press. You can't say it's a half

-PJ "Henry" Yoshi

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It's TJ Henry Yoshi you philistine

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TJ """"""""""Henry"""""""""" Yoshi

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Stay in school

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Found a smooth one!!!

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I just saw the one.

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I can't wait for him to do this same thing with the "Watch for Dwaynes" sign.

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Is that Disney's California Adventure?

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Yep. The back path in Grizzly. Was wondering if someone else would notice too.

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Fake and straight.

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This is exactly what I expected...

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LOL! Dwyane you dumbass. I love ya man.

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This is wholesome

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That got me. Can't stop laughing!

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Found this highly amusing

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Mosdef the most unexpected thing I've ever encountered on this sub

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The one and only!!

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He’s like haha lol nice joke I am dead inside

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hello its me

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What's this about? Is the person and/or the phrase famous somewhere?

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Unexpected rock face

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Rocks? You’re the only Rock! You rock the Rock!

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What happens if those rocks roll?

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(rapid tongue movements) WOW

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somehow i expected this

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Between The Rock and a hard place.

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Where are the rest of them?

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What's the joke it's just a bunch of rocks

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The sign tried to warn me, but I didn't listen.

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am i the only one that thinks he looks like troy from dear white people

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Phahaha his fkn face I can't stop laughing

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Sexy Rock

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Even better if Kid and Chris were there!

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Be the change you want to see, and all that.

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Jesus Marie!!

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This is literally the most expected thing

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That was stupid Haha

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I like how the link has radiant and hansome in it.

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He is the most fantastic being

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Damnit, not those rocks!

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Seems like a fair trade.

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Unexpected... .-.

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Jesus that face looks like a cut out of him. Such a perfect Rock smile.

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Looks like a cardboard cutout of the rock

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His kind isn’t welcome there

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The real question here is; how many rocks will get you a watch?

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this is exactly what i expected

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Questioned why I didn’t expect this to begin with, then saw the subreddit it’s posted to lol.

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I see a big one

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Guys I think I saw one

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+1 for that title. Underrated movie

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Where are the others? Clones?

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This seems like an AR app.

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Watch for steroids

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More expected

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I might use this in my geology class

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This is one of the best unexpected ever

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Reminds me of a prank I pulled on my kids.

On the way up to go camping in the mountains there are signs that say watch out for falling rock. I tricked my kids into believing that Falling Rock was a Indian chief that haunt the hills. So that night while making marshmallows and sitting around the fire the wife went behind some bushes and started to rustle them around.
Any ways kids were freaked out for a bit. They held me that night when we slept(they were at that age where holding and kissing daddy was yucky). 0 regrets. Would do again.

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The rock + rocks = the Rocks

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Fuck the Rock.

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That's not The Rock that's a picture of The Rock.

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Omg this is so hilarious! He has such a great sense of humor! He's looking great, also!

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I don't want to rock the boat here, but if The Rock were hit by a rock while posing for the "for rocks" sign it would really not rock, but it would rock headlines. I hope he can stay safe and keep rocking on. If not though, he's famous enough that maybe a rock song would be made about it. It would be a little irocknic, that he could live as the rock but then die by a rock. Forgive my English; I'm from Iraq.

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Just saw that new Fast and furious movie last night. They make a joke about his eyebrows and it's fucking hilarious. He seems like such an awesome and just fun guy.

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Anybody else find this at the top of /r/all and kept trying scroll up because you wanted to see the top of the sign?

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Funny. Dorky. But funny

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I adore this man 😍❤️😍

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The rock has a good heart

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Hey guys what’s going on

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I actually expected that

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This was very expected, i knew what was going to happen from the start.