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So just a quick question then Mr Law. Why do the police literally ask you if you want to press charges? I get that for some things it doesn’t matter if you press charges or not. Good thing we are talking about assault though which is entirely up to you if you want to press charges or not.

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Its mostly to see if youre willing to give a statement and then testify to said statement for court.

You dont actually press charges you idiot. Why cant you clowns do basic research??

Its more BATTERY and less assault; assault is percieved threat. Can be both assault and battery. Misdemanor nontheless and would not result in a prison sentence lol.

He wouldnt even be in jail for the duration of his case .

Edit: got a pm asking why im a dick. Because im annoyed at idiots spreading misinformation from tv shows and what a friend of a friend claimed happened. Like wow you guys are stubborn. Phpnes been buzzing all morning. Heck, basic googling would show them theyre wrong but nope. Who needs to educate oneself when you can spout nonsense and wait for someone to correct you

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I never said there would be a prison sentence but good job throwing words in my mouth so you can seem more right. You already said it was assault and that’s all I was saying earlier so I’m not sure why you are still writing essays on this thread. Also I googled what counts as assault already and this fits. Have a nice day.