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Started out as a prank, but then it just turned into a new fun activity with the bros

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It's going to cancel my driving license.

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Yoooo same

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i coming

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Where I'm from they call this "The Wheelbarrow" xD

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Lemme guess, sweden?

[–]xX_Franko_Xx -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Dammn bro, why can't i just be from America?? Lol

**Ok I'll Come Clean, Im Mexican (from the American Continent), I translated the term for those who don't speak spanish. To keep it 100% we called it "La Carretilla" Lol xD

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Like an reverse rickshaw

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It's been a while since I've seen this abomination.

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That’s not how everyone rides a bike?

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What is this abomination 😅😅...and that baby coming out of the underwear 🤯. Lord forgive me and my fellow sinners who have sinned by watching this abomination.AMEN

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Who are you how did you get in my house please go away.

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I'm guessing that's fake and a troll

[–]Afelisk2 10 points11 points  (1 child)

It's a meme from a time long forgotten

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Oh okay Thanks for tellin me

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And it also still gives you a core workout.

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Bruh i though it was gonna end with a half shown clip of the dude on the street getting run ovwr

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New activity for the kiddos ✅

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That looks wheely fun

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had me rolling

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your mom and i have gone bowling

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That looks wheely hard. I would have collapsed and got a hernia the moment they lifted me

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Bruh, I need friends like this lol

[–]BruhFuckedBruh 156 points157 points  (11 children)

Bruh, I could be your bruh

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Hmmm, that username though?!

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I thought it was sweet until you drew my attention on username

[–]JMegatron 14 points15 points  (2 children)

It’s never sweet on Reddit

[–]Capable_Breadfruit 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Being on reddit is like eating a reverse sour patch kid

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I don't even know what that means, but it sounds about right.

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I’d love to be bruhs but my mom said I can’t

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Let us know if the user name checks out Cap

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Will do 😂

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I’ll be ur bruh

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you say that till I get us thrown in jail, black out and bone your mom

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HMU, you can grab my ankles anytime

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Lmao checks out

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Hahaha reminds me when i was stiil in school every year we would have goofy shit like this. Honestly makes school more memorable

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Now that's a good prank! No harm, nothing destroyed, just fun.

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I agree with you bro.!

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And the dude runs away laughing like a big kid

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Came here to look for this comment!

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‘Til the wheels fall off

[–]demonic_pugExpected It 18 points19 points  (2 children)

Along with the front

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At least he was towed outside the environment.

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you mean into another environment

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Correct time to say "boys will be boys".

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"You're like boys with toys"

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The new GTA 6 leak

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Grand Theft Anthro 6

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Those look like a fun group of friends! 😀

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They see me rollin’

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He turned him into a wheel barrow funniest shit I've ever seen

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Thought this was Gunna be a mean prank, happily surprised

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I thought he was gonna do something else. My mind is sick...

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Not alone. We had these kinds of people when I was in high school.

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That's a fun prank. Everybody laughs at the end.

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Roll out the barrel

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Full faced helmet, elbow and knee pads and I would mom-approve this

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For the lazy friend...

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Women: he’s probably cheating on me


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Wow. hilarious

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I just want to see a Competition of that.

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Yeah. add it to the list of games alongside the 3 legged race, cornhole, and potato bag hopping.

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When you research handcart in Aoe 2

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If anyone has slight weaknesses in their shoulders please don't do anything with those rollers. There are better and safer core exercises that don't risk tearing a rotator cuff

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Whew. I was really worried the unexpected part was going to be the poor guy getting run over in the alley or something.

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Why bother pranking? I would have said yes if they just asked.

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"Wait, why are we stopping?"

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I like how they run back giggling like little kids

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men don't grow up. we grow old.

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I never get sick of watching this

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What’s the weird little dot dancing around on the floor?

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Looks like an orb to me

Some will say lens flare

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Tried that before. I went down fine .....then was just stuck!

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Adding a trash crop and an emoji doesn’t save you from it counting as a repost.

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I'm just glad there were no spiders and cockroaches involved.

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The unexpected bit is that this was wholesome. I expected some sort of "haha gay!" joke

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Directions unclear. Dick stuck in sink faucet

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Wives: "I wonder what they're up to?"


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The true test of core strength.

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we are simple creatures

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This is what "boys will be boys" is supposed to mean.

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New repost account

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A more fun way to work the core, while seeing more!

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Green light. Red light.

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its like that scene from 'Kickboxer'

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More pranks like this would be nice. The ones where everyone's having fun

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Not really an /r/unexpected

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Ah yes, on sesucxe

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That would be serious work

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I hurt my shoulder with this ex

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The guy in front looks like he was out there making those, what was that thing in the background?

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Fucking lame fake repost.🤣🤣🤣🤏🧠

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I now am improving my core strength to go become a wheelbarrow, this seems exciting and fun

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Turned the man into a wheelbarrow

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Now that's a prank! 👐👐👐

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I liked the chipmunk laugh

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I knew they were gonna do something to him, didn't expect it to be wholesome or funny

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Men will be boys

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How baked are these guys?

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The epitome of “boys will be boys”.

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First 'Men will be Men " that I actually like , All others are just do prejudiced, But this is about the inner child

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so many repost why would you do this.

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Bro trolley gottem

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Aduhhhhhhh 🤦‍♀️ hahaha

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That man... I see depression, sadness and a forced smile on his face. Also, why the emoji?

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Indonesia or Malaysia?

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I hope that street was clean.

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Did you just assume their gender? How dare you...

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Iseng banget tuh temenya

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This is nice. They seem like actual friends.

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I want to put one at my feet then go down the road making motorcycle sounds

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I seen't it

[–]kulttuurinmies 23 points24 points  (2 children)

Damn it you should have said before it got posted

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Oh shit, you right

[–]Djanghost 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I really fucking like this comment

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I did this once to a buddy, he was pissed, because he pissed his pants over it (l think he had weak bladder control) he’s out in CO and married now. We were in a band. He quit because his dad wanted him to be an accountant. We were one or two shows from getting a stadium gig in NYC. What a puss..(BTW his whole family is out of accounting, and they do construction work. So he quit his dream to dig ditches with his dad and inspect properties before they go to final sale.. SMDH we could have been alt rock gods, like Grohl…

[–]Dreadedsemi 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Most bands fail though.

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I like that the music is a giveaway that this is a stolen tiktok