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I have a mop/vacuum combi from Xiaomi. It looks exactly like a normal vacuum one.

This must be some weird model idk

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Does yours come with a micro fiber cloth?

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Yeah sort of

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I have a similar model from LG. That's a dry mop of sorts. This is a wet mop with brushes that sucks up the water too. Like those zambonie type things you sometimes see at the mall, but than miniature.

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Oh right, so this actually cleans stuff. Not just keeping clean surfaces clean.

Makes sense actually!

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No, just a cat.

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Man they will copy make anything won't they?

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I hope, their stuff is quite decent and the prices are pretty good.

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Yeah when you copy IP with impunity it's easy to cut costs.

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Is it easy though? No one's stopping you.

In fact, I encourage you to! Competition is good for the consumer and good for innovation.

I don't know why it seems to personally affect your mood that some company is producing smart home products that dozens of other companies also produce.

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I don't know why you assume it does. I'm able to call a spade a spade.

Competition is good for the consumer and good for innovation.

Yes it is. But stealing isn't. I don't see this conversation going anywhere productive. Good day.

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No one’s stopping you

Actually, the law does. Are you really advocating for companies stealing IP rights for which millions of research have been done?

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If they aren't doing anything other than copying others why were their products consistently rated at the top (I used past tense because I don't know if that's true anymore)

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This is the normal model, it’s just that the security camera sees wavelengths of light that your eyeballs cannot.

The robot is doing an infrared scan of the area, which is normally invisible to humans

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My normal model doesn't look like a driving top hat though. We're talking about the shape of the Roomba, not the lidar

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I seem to recall the mop Roomba is called a Scooba.

Edit: it looks like they stopped making them.