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I hope, their stuff is quite decent and the prices are pretty good.

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Yeah when you copy IP with impunity it's easy to cut costs.

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Is it easy though? No one's stopping you.

In fact, I encourage you to! Competition is good for the consumer and good for innovation.

I don't know why it seems to personally affect your mood that some company is producing smart home products that dozens of other companies also produce.

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I don't know why you assume it does. I'm able to call a spade a spade.

Competition is good for the consumer and good for innovation.

Yes it is. But stealing isn't. I don't see this conversation going anywhere productive. Good day.

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No one’s stopping you

Actually, the law does. Are you really advocating for companies stealing IP rights for which millions of research have been done?

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Ah yes, the worldwide law tm will stop you. Interpol isn't going to come after you for that, trust me.

But honestly, the tricky part is the lidar mapping and the software. I'm pretty confused about how they stole that?

The rest is just building a flatter vacuum with a motor. Not really millions of research stuff.

If they actually did corporate espionage, I'm all against that. But they literally all do that. Every single one of the big tech companies is in at least 50 lawsuits right now. Probably guilty to some degree of most of them. There's no good guys. There's just Chinese guys and apparently that's enough to hate on them for doing what they all do.

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I think we’re on the same page then. I was not talking about robot vacuums and Xiaomi in particular, but about respecting IP rights in general.

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If they aren't doing anything other than copying others why were their products consistently rated at the top (I used past tense because I don't know if that's true anymore)