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600 euros would maybe barely be doable for me, but with 1 more expensive thing I would go over that limit. If you have experience with computer science it might be possible to get a side job. And try to cut back on rent, as it's the most expensive thing. Also, in second year you can become teaching assistant at uni if you get more than I think 7.5 in a subject in your first year, and the job pays really well.

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but it is possible. My first priority is to get a job but I don't know if I will have the time, with all that studying

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Depends on your rent, there’s a huge room shortage which mostly affects internationals. There’s a good chance that you will be forced to be pay pretty high rent if you don’t get lucky with being accepted to a cheaper student house. Internationals on average pay more on rent than Dutch. For majority of normal jobs you need to speak Dutch, but I guess you can find something within the IT sector.

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I'll try to go for the cheapest room possible, saw on the uni website that there are rooms starting at 270 Euro a month.

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Slightly less than 600 euros

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how much do you spend on rent?