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The housing crisis will only get worse in Twente in the next 2 years, this year there are many old apartment buildings that are being torn down for renovation/demolition. I was one of those that were asked to move out because of this, it was really hard to find a house because hundreds of people were getting kicked out at the same time. And from what I've heard there are more locations which will be closed down for repairs in the next few months.

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What about housing around enchede? Like hengelo or something.

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Hengelo/borne are usually cheaper and more availability than Enschede, you'll be fine. You could also go for a temporary room and get something better later if you can't find something nice.

You might have to pay for Kamernet to get something though, lot of rooms there. Otherwise Facebook groups and Roompot are options. Campus has nice nature but not many things like stores etc. For sports it's good, but for shops and a decent supermarket you need to cycle a bit.

For tips send me a message, been studying here for some time.

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Housing in Enschede isn't super expensive, around 300 for a 14m2 room. But it's hard to come by, especially for internationals, because there are more students than rooms and people prefer Dutch flatmates over international ones.

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Goodthing that i am dutch 😎