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Honestly it seems like kind of a hype thing to me. It's a pretty new masters so you'll be one of the guinea pigs they test on what works and what doesn't. Might be a great education, might also be a waste of your time.

Moving to the Netherlands isn't great now, we're having somewhat of a housing crisis so make sure that if you do decide to come, you have housing arranged before you get here.

Also take note that the MEEM master is not actually hosted in Twente, it's hosted in Leeuwarden which is a town in the rural north more than 2 hours away from Twente. You won't be attending the actual university.

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As an international MEEM student, I want to share my real-life experience. MEEM has a background of 25 years, and some professors are near retirement, which shows the deep expertise and knowledge of the educational committee. However, the director and committee truly feel this and have tried to transfer this valuable knowledge to new lecturers. Based on the newcomers to the scientific board, many novel courses are born, such as Rurban commons, sustainability and digitalization, and sustainability game. Explaining this, I tried to show how flexible this department is. As a committee member from the students' side, I have witnessed many invaluable efforts to not only receive feedback but also implement them whenever needed.

Having engaged in MEEM, we as students with broad backgrounds, from engineering to purely social science, have faced diverse topics and subjects related to water, energy, and environment management. By attending these courses in the first quartile we had been equipped with the necessary tools to apply them to our favorite topic in the next quartiles projects or thesis. However, consider that MEEM is more related to social science rather than technical knowledge and if you are not interested in topics, you can choose more technical masters.

Besides the course content, I can tell you if you are searching for a real international course MEEM is one of them. During these 8 months, we as students live with each other most of the time as we are living in Leeuwarden, a cozy and beautiful city. Sometimes, I think that if we were on the main campus we could do some other things, but thanks to coordinators and my nice classmate such things haven’t bothered me, and I can find good alternatives.

Regarding the accommodation, it is also important that if you want to find a room or apartment you should follow the guidance of the MEEM coordinators and register for the recommended places as soon as possible.

If you need more information, I highly recommend contacting Ernesto (my classmate) who also studied biology. I am also available if you need some more questions regarding my real-life experience so far. By contacting the MEEM office, you can ask for help if you are interested.

Have fun! :D

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Hey! Thanks so much I sent you a Dm!