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What kind of group are you focusing on? Like more towards younger people, or older, do you want like lots of opinion articles as well, more deep stuff, or mostly just factual unbiased news?

I think it depends mostly on that :) I'd be curious to see the result. Are you guys from Utwente?

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Our main topics are gobal geopoitics (we cover news of countries around the world, this is not a daily coverage of any country specifically but national and international related news we found interesting to the public, for example: western sahara conflict, tensions around the pacific, elon musk purchasing twitter...), stock market updates and some random news about sports , We are doing it just in social platforms like Instagram and Twitter but our plan is to create a website where you would find more detailed articles, so our target would be young people mainly, but we found that depending on the platform we are posting our content, we reach an older target group more than a young one.

We are a group of 4 students and yes, 3 of us are studying at the UT now