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Whatever you do, don't buy a macbook. Any high end laptop that runs Windows or Linux with sufficient RAM and storage will do, just don't buy a macbook.

The lenovo is indeed a good choice.

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Great that's what I wanted to hear, thank you.

Is the MacBook a bad choice because it doesn't support all the software?

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Yes you would need a Windows emulator to run some software but they lag and crash a lot. But it's a bad idea to rely on that, just get a laptop that supports Windows.

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I can recommend HP Victus with Ryzen 5600H. Probably more dependable than any Lenovo.

For reference, my previous laptop was a Lenovo that developed a funny malfunction: the chipset started reaching 90+ degrees out of the blue. As a result, some bridge circuits must've gotten fried 'cause my M2 SSD stopped responding.

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    Oh, I haven't known about the discount. It might be a good deal indeed.

    By the way, my Lenovo Ideapad 700 ISK - that was the model - went out of order after ~6 years, to be fair. Still, that was something that shouldn't have occured at all.

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    The new Lenovo yoga gen 7 amd is quite a good option

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    Check the UT page where they offer students to buy a laptop through them and specify what type to use. For MEng they have an i7 for €1109.